Choosing the right cloud server hosting and the right cloud server provider is the first step to building a successful online business, even if you looking for cloud server hosting for small business or the best cloud server for personal use. There are a lot of big names in the web hosting market which makes it hard to choose the right cloud hosting.

We will help choose the right cloud hosting and the right cloud server providers. Firstly, don't look for free cloud website hosting, because they don't provide good cloud hosting, you have to ask yourself why you need cloud hosting, if you want to build an online E-commerce site then scalable vps or cloud server hosting are the right pick for you, but if you want to use cloud server hosting for learning purposes then free cloud website hosting or cloud hosting for developers is the right option for your needs.


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Best Cloud Hosting Vendors

There are a lot of cloud hosting vendors and cloud hosting providers and a lot of hosting options such as vultr cloud server, managed google cloud hosting, and managed aws cloud hosting, cloudflare cloud hosting. In this list, we picked the best cloud server providers where you can get cheap cloud hosting with cpanel or cheap windows cloud server, or even a cheap linux cloud server with high performance.


Vultr is one of the best cloud server providers on the internet, they offer cloud hosting and other hosting types too such as scalable vps, vps virtual desktop, and wordpress hosting. But if you want strong web hosting then you have to choose a dedicated cloud server, their dedicated cloud server is so strong and good for small business, you can check the dedicated cloud server pricing and plans on their website.


The second cloud server provider picked is digitalocean, one of the largest cloud server providers in the united states, offers cloud server hosting for small business and enterprises via high performance and flexible dedicated cloud servers.

You can choose a vps virtual desktop for remote desktop work, and if you want to host a website on the fastest hosting service then you have to choose a dedicated cloud server. Don't forget to visit Digitalocean website to check their dedicated cloud server pricing.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is more than a cloud server hosting service, It's a huge vps cloud provider and the best among virtual machine hosting services.

Microsoft Azure is not only a cloud hosting provider that helps you build a business website, If you are a developer and looking for cloud hosting for developers Microsoft Azure is good for you also they will help you a lot by providing all the resources you need to build a successful online business.

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