Email marketing is so important nowadays, If you want your business to be successful then you have to use email marketing. In this post, you will read about the best email marketing platforms, top free email marketing platforms, and what platform works better for your business. For example, if you own a shopify store then you have to choose the best email marketing platform for shopify, if you want to send mass emails then you have to choose the best mass email platforms or bulk email platforms.

If you're a nonprofit organization then you have to choose the best email marketing platform for nonprofits or best email platform for nonprofits, and if you are a blogger who wants to send news letters you have to choose best platform for email newsletter or cold email marketing platforms.

Best email marketing platform for shopify

There are a lot of email marketing platforms in the market, but not all of them work well with shopify, so I will show you the best email marketing platform for shopify and the best email platform for ecommerce in general.

The best email platform for ecommerce in my opinion is SendinBlue, of course, you can use email services like mailchimp or any of the cold email marketing platforms. But, SendinBlue is more than a platform to send mass emails, it offers a lot of tools that can help you run your e-commerce business like email marketing software that integrates with salesforce and social media and email marketing software.

Best platform to send mass emails

This is not a mail campaign software or one of the platforms like mailchimp but is the best email marketing service for large lists and one of the best cold email marketing platforms and the best platform to send mass emails.

This platform is not called email marketing Hootsuite, but it's one of the amazing bulk email platforms to send tons of emails at the same time, SendGrid is an amazing email platform that offers so many features and tools to help business owners to reach their audience via email. SendGrid is one of bulk email platforms and it's the best email blast platform.

SendGrid is also the best email platform for ecommerce and the best email marketing software for large business because it offers an SMTP service that can be used to send mass emails, it can be called a mass email marketing platforms.

Best platform for email newsletter

If you are a blogger and want to deliver newsletters to your audience, ConvertKit is the best platform for email newsletter. There is a feature in ConvertKit that allows you to offer content upgrades and build email lists easily using email signup forms. Also, its email marketing mailchimp alternative.

You can use ConvertKit with so many blogging platforms like wordpress, and works well with squarespace, if you're using squarespace and looking for the best email marketing for squarespace, then you've found the answer that you've looking for. ConvertKit is one of the email platforms like mailchimp, easy to use, user friendly and best social media and email marketing software, also cheapest email marketing platform.

Top free email marketing platforms

If you're just started to build an online business and you have a limited budget then a free email marketing platform may be the best option for you. There are so many mass email platforms but they don't offer a free plan, so one of the top free email marketing platforms is Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing platforms and they provide the tools you need to create an email marketing campaign and email list. You can use their easy drag-and-drop email builder to build email templates and save them in your collection. Also, Mailchimp is the best email platform for nonprofits if you're asking for the best email marketing platform for nonprofits.

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