Email marketing list building is so important, if you have one of the trending shopify stores and looking for the best email marketing platform for ecommerce or you own a small business and looking for the best email marketing service for small business, or even if you looking for best email marketing platform for Shopify, you are in the right place.


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In this article I want to share with you a few email platforms that you can use to build your email list whether you're a small business owner an entrepreneur or influencer building an email list is essential today so that you can send out follow-ups and build that audience that where you're in complete control so in this video I want to share with you a few email platforms that I've personally used myself and tried and I won't go into depth in terms of the features and the benefits and every single tool that they offer but and also this won't be a complete review of each platform it's going to be more brief in terms of the features and the standouts and what I recommend you use if you're starting to build your email list or if you're already building an email list and you're thinking about changing platforms now, of course, this all depends on what your purpose is where your business is so for that I'm going to share some details as well in terms of what they accept what types of businesses they accept so without further ado let’s dive right in and go through these email platforms with you.


now the first email marketing platform I want to share with you is one of the most popular email marketing campaign services that beginners start with and that is MailChimp, I think the reason why most people start with MailChimp is because there's a free plan, now their free plan offers up to 2,000 contacts or 2,000 subscribers and not having to pay a monthly fee, so if you are thinking of starting then perhaps MailChimp is for you, but you are of course limited with the features and the tools and you can see here the audiences that you can create is one, if you're just starting out MailChimp will do it because they still offer things like tagging and audience segmentation so if you want to tag them in with particular tags so if they click a particular link then you know what they're interested in or not interested in so these are the types of things you may use in the future but if you do want to build multiple sets of audiences then you're going to have to upgrade to their next plan which is still quite affordable at 9,99$ 

Now the thing with MailChimp that you need to take note of when going to the acceptable use page you'll see under prohibited content so they mentioned things like multi-level marketing affiliate marketing cryptocurrency so if you are in any of these businesses then it's not acceptable you probably want to avoid using MailChimp now why do they not accept these you know apart from the obvious reasons that you may seem riskier for them it's because of the deliverability of rate which is what they call too in order for them to have this high reputation in order to send your emails and all the members and users emails to the inboxes of their subscribers and you want they want to retain that high delivery rate so that they, of course, are still in business and with the rest of this article, I will go through whether they also accept affiliate marketing and things like that because I know for a fact many of you are doing affiliate marketing and they are promoting products and perhaps if you do plan on promoting products as an affiliate these are things you might want to consider before signing up and paying and building your email list and subscribers on that platform apart from that MailChimp is a great way to just start building your email list and if you do plan on creating your own products then go ahead and try MailChimp.


Active campaign is more of a professional email platform that's at least my perspective and what I've seen based around the business and the people that the types of people that do use it and throughout this post, I'm going to compare how much it's going to cost for a thousand subscribers or thousand contacts on your email list on a monthly basis.

Now with their life plan, of course, there's less features and the biggest one is probably the integrations, so if you do plan on creating some sort of membership site and you want to integrate active campaign with your membership platform then you might want to consider using or upgrading to the next plane, if we take a look at the acceptable use policy again here I did some research on what is acceptable and types of services and products you can sell and send campaigns.

Through active campaign you can see again that it doesn't allow affiliate marketing any get-rich-quick schemes which is the obvious when can home things like that multi-level marketing so if you are in any of these businesses again you know don't use active campaign because there's no point building on a platform where perhaps they may close your account for one of these reasons and they won't allow you to export your leads after that it might happen you know so I'm not saying that you're not able to export your leads but it does go to say that you know you shouldn't just rely on a platform just because you like their service now as I said most of these email platforms allow you to create opt-in forms so the actual forms they embed it on your website or blog these are things that also come with many of these email platforms so you can see here we've got features subscription forms dynamic content email segmentation you can do some split testing as well and all these types of features again I'm not going to go to every single feature these are just as standouts you know I'm comparing the prices contrasting between how much it's going to cost for a thousand contacts and where they accept a feeling' marketing or things like that.


Now let's move on to the next email platform which is called drip, now drip again doesn't really accept this first here, it's saying in order to maintain strong deliverability again for our customers the following categories are not allowed, affiliate marketing, horoscope reports real estate, even real estate see so these are industries that are higher risk they note that by representing in the warranting you are making a legally enforceable promise, drip may refuse service close accounts of any users and change eligibility requirements at any time, so they can again closer account if they feel you're getting a lot of subscribes, so a lot of people are unsubscribing to your list and you're getting a high spam rate as noted here.

Now I will name a couple of services that not so much support but it's not in their terms of conditions where it says affiliate marketing is prohibited ,but I'll go to that as we go along this post but with drips pricing, we can see a thousand people in your account you'll pay $49 each month, so we can see $49 per month for drip, and we can see $29 per mile for active campaign, and mailchimp for a thousand it's free up to 2000, but once you've exceeded obviously 2000 then you move on to the next plan.

The issue I've tried to person myself and this year with drip is that their formula is not as user friendly, so if you a beginner and you're not so much tech savvy then it's going to be difficult to integrate an opt-in form to your webpage, if you do have a developer then they will come in and get the code and then build an opt-in form for you and they don't have that many choices of opt-in forms you can use you know in terms of you know building your own opt-in form drag-and-drop makes it really intuitive so that don't have that sort of wizard or that sort of at all in place.

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