After playing brawl stars since its beta launch I think I've had a fair share of woke moments, moments I'd go ah I'm so dumb why wasn't I doing that the entire time, that's why in today's post we're gonna be going over eight of those moments to help the newer and maybe even veterans out there, there's some on this list I didn't even know until earlier this year so yeah you never know.

1. We have won a lot and having lost for 15 games straight! You're probably playing with bots, yep BOTS so you probably shouldn't get too confident, this is a little contradicting to the reason we have BOTS and processors in the first place but hear me out I think it's important for newer players to know that the game is not all that easy and straightforward as it is later on in the game then it's not because people get better it's because you're simply playing with bots I mean bots are good but they're not people, it looks like from around 0 to 50 trophies per brawler you are guaranteed bots in your match, like for sure and after 50 trophies all the way up to 500 you progressively lose the chance of being matched but BOTS but there still is BOTS all the way to 500 trophies.

After 500 that function is completely turned off but when I here to discuss the late game we're here to discuss that range from like about 0 to maybe 100 trophies, it seems like this is the range that has the most BOTS and at this point of the game, you should just be getting a feel for your brawlers attacks and movement and defense, because once you're over a certain threshold of trophies it'll get harder to win because of the lack of bots, I remember in my new stages I used to win a lot with new brawlers I wouldn't stop winning just match after match no losing I thought I was a beast and what does that do you it increases your confidence it makes you sometimes way overconfident and once you're way over a confident you start playing like let's be honest really trash, like you start just putting yourself out there letting your guard down you play differently because you're like hey I've been winning the entire time what's gonna happen you know like I'm unstoppable, that one mistake that I want the newer players to avoid, you set to remember you're playing with bots and you can't be overconfident, eventually the bots are not gonna be there you're gonna be playing with real people and you're probably gonna end up losing because of that.

2. Having a team you can rely on will help you win more and climb trophies faster, back in the day I just did it with randoms even though people always told me random suck I ignored it I mean after all while I listen to people you know, randoms can't be that bad and I had some pretty good luck like I wasn't losing that much so I kept at it, but just because you have some luck with randoms doesn't mean you shouldn't try and socialize and create powerful teams and now with the search feature it is easier than ever to do this, there should be no excuse, "isn't using the searching feature just gonna give me yet another random" well yes but you can have a better chance to see how they play, communicate, and easily add them if you have some good chemistry, something that isn't really easy by just pressing the play button alone.

Having those people you can rely on is also great because you know each other's playstyle you can strategize, you can plan out, a game plan, who is going to defend or attack, and heist, who's going to be the one who tries to attempt to make the ball on bro ball, who's gonna be the gem carrier and gem crab, in randoms well you just kind of collect gems and you don't know who it is, things like this can make or break a match, this stuff is important to know when you want to win these game modes because you have a strategy, you have a format, you know exactly what your teammates are going to be doing the entire game, with randoms it's kind of just well random you kind of have to guess what's going on and try and win the game, keyword try with the team you know though you go in with the mindset of winning not trying.

3. I didn't even know this until like earlier this year, yes I'm that big of a new, but let me tell you you do not heal as long as you're running around shooting, yeah for the longest time I always wondered why is my flipping brawler isn't healing, well it turns out for you very few players that didn't know this or your new players, you don't heal as long as you're tapping that shot button, you won't heal, you have to completely stop battling that means no shooting, even if you're very far from an enemy and just shooting for fun like haha, you're not gonna heal so yeah this had me confused for the longest time and I wanted to save some of you newer players sometime like just yeah now you know.

4. Don't be afraid of solo, this one is more of a personal thing but it helped me so I hope it helps at least one person, so when I started playing brawl stars I avoided solo for the same reason I don't like the ladder in clash royale or why I don't like playing free-for-all in call of duty, same concept just different games, it's the lack of company, help, and confidence, I was always afraid I lose in solo because I didn't have any help and I was just alone so I never did, but I've noticed the same pattern in many people, it wasn't just me back in the good old days, so yeah hopefully I helped someone out here by encouraging to play solo, why? well, I have five somewhat good reasons that I made up myself, but it helped me back in the day.

  1. Number one: you develop good survival skills and defense, you're alone if you die you're done you know there's no respawning.
  2. Number two: your chances of losing are very very low like you have to come in like fifth place to break even, it's actually not that hard.
  3. Number three: it's actually incredibly easy again it's really easy.
  4. Number four: the games can be shorter than a duel giving you more trophies over the same amount of time.
  5. Number five: it just looked as good when you have some solo wins on your profile, imagine having like five or ten of them in your profile, so uh yeah there's my five somewhat good reasons I started to like solo back in the day and I hope it helps a lot of you out there.

5. Learn to lure, it isn't always that an opportunity like this presents itself so learning how to do it prior is pretty smart, now this isn't anything hard it's just luring someone to grab a gem or a powerup, it's one of those dirty tactics I taught myself back when I kept getting wrecked trying to pick up anything out in the field, so normally if you see gems what would you do? 

A: Pick it up, B: Ignore it because you're too afraid, C: Use it as bait.

If you picked a or b it's fine but there's a much better way to handle the situation and it's to use it to your advantage which is C use it as bait, firstly you want to make sure you're strong enough if you have no gems and everyone else is running around with 15 maybe it's not the best idea to use that as bait, but if you're nearby a bush and it can handle a fight hide in it and leave the pickup out in the open and as soon as someone notices it and tries to pick it up and comes closer blast them with your attacks, you obviously have the bigger advantage here because you're probably gonna get like one to three hits on him before he can even react.

Now if we're talking about a powerup it's a bit different, as soon as they get close you want to pick it up first and then attack them, this will almost always take them out because you have a big upper hand so learn to or it's a very nice tactic and I love it.

6. Auto-aiming is smarter than you think but it's not an aimbot, some people just never lose the habit of auto-aiming everything their attacks, their supers, their flipping ball, oh no what are you doing aim man, aim, listen I don't know how many times I've came across a game where you're doing so good and then your partner makes a mistake and then he explains later on that he accidentally auto aimed, accidentally, now how does this correlate with newer players early stages of the game well that's a good question, surprisingly the reason we all used to auto aim every shot or still accidentally do it is because you picked up the habit when using Shelley at the very beginning of the game you have Shelley the most auto-aim brawler in the game, I want warne the noobs out there, do not make it a habit do not make the same mistake we all pretty much do, auto aiming is good, it's a nice feature and it's really helpful and powerful but it should only be used when you can't react fast enough to aim, that's what it's there for its kind of like a panic button, you have no time to react just tap the shoot button it'll be better than dying right, there's a difference between needing to and wanting to.

7. I feel like this one is super obvious as well, anyways it's to predict your shots I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again louder for the newer players, this is the best thing you can master in brawl stars if your auto aiming or aiming directly at a moving brawler and keep missing this is why predicting where the brawler will be is important, now you aren't always gonna get the shot all right it's kind of just predicting alright it's better than nothing you know, auto aiming is not trying you're not putting any effort, aiming at a moving object doesn't work because by the time they get from point A to B your shot is still making its way to point A but if you aim your shot ahead of the brawler you can actually hit him, now how much ahead of the enemy really depends on the brawler you're using because everyone has a different hit speed, you'll have to get used to every brawler as you go, practice is key here, once you've mastered the technique though it feels like just so natural, it feels like nobody can run from you, you do the measurements in your head without even thinking, predicting shots like clockwork, it's definitely something I wish I knew when I first started playing because it's incredibly easy if you start at the beginning of the game and master it over time.

8. We got don't be in a rush to max, the endgame isn't for everyone it can be boring, this is probably one of the top things I wish I knew when I started, just slow down there's nothing extremely interesting at the end of the tunnel, now this really depends on what type of player you are and me I'm a casual player so normally when there's nothing to do I get bored, I don't just keep pushing and pushing that doesn't sound fun to me you know, and I really wish when I started playing I knew this because once I was completely maxed there wasn't much to do, but yet again push, so yeah just a small piece of advice there isn't anything majorly special about being maxed if you're looking to enjoy the game, the meat of enjoying the game is your progress tour being maxed, trust me by not buying boxes and by not buying things you're not missing out on a ton, enjoy while you can and hopefully the endgame content is gonna get better later on.

So guys I think that should be it for eight things I wish I knew when I started playing brawl stars these might be newbie tips to some but for your veterans out there I'm sure you were once in need of help too with that being said though I hope you guys enjoyed today's article.

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