Today we're gonna be taking a look at the history of Clash Royale over the past four years, it's time to make you feel old cause the game is quite the extensive history and I wanted to take you on the ship down memory lane, we're gonna overview every update ever, of course, we'll be skipping over smaller updates and balance changes for your convenience and to not make the post big, so without further ado let's get right into it.

January 4th, 2016 class royale with a soft launch and was only available in select countries on Iphone, but hear this you had to pay for battles, friendly battles, the xbow targeted air, the shout chests were different, and we only had 42 corns, 12 for each rarity common rare and epic, of course, the game was simple and so cute.

On the 2nd of February, a new arena unlocked at 3,000 trophies, the legendary arena, we also got seasons added to the game where players would reset back to 3k and the abducted trophies will be given back as the legend trophies, we also got tournament rules which would allow all friendly battles to be fair, the battle cost was finally removed and the xbow was changed to only target ground now.

February 16, clash royale was finally soft-launched on Android, 3 days later all spells were nerfed to do 20 percent less damage to crown towers, 29th  February we got a huge update for new cards, the royal giant, 3 musketeers, dark prince, and poison, and we also got a new rarity called legendary, at the arena builder's workshop unlocked at 1700 trophies, two new chests, the giant chest, and the super magical chest, and we finally had the ability to save more than one deck, prior to this update you would have to change the deck every time you wanted to use something different.

March 2nd, 2016 the game was officially globally launched this was considered a real release date.

May 5th, level 6 legendaries were removed from the game so now the cap was level 5, furthermore common and rare cards received a higher level cap, and King towers were now maxed at level 13 and not 12, some new cards came around, fire spirits, furnace, guards, and lava hounds, the miner and the sparky, that's quite a lot of courage alright, the ability to spectate battles live was added, the goal cap was increased from 500k to 1 million and you can now buy legendaries from the shop.

July 4 of 2016, tournaments were added starting at level 8, a new arena frozen peak unlocked at 2300 trophies, two new cards, the log, and the lumberjack, and you can now pick which to read at a play and friendly battles.

August 28th, the season and trophies reset was increased to 4k which was previously 3k.

September 19th, we got a ton of stuff, the mega minion, the ice golem, the inferno dragon, and the graveyard, you can now mute emotes because you know they kind of got annoying and people were complaining about it, grand challenges, and classic challenges were added and we got two new chests, the legendary chests, and the epic chests.

November 1st we got some more new cards, elite barbarians, tornado, clone spell, and the electro wizard, this was also the first update where supercell gave us a chance to win a new ordinary for free in challenges, also mysteriously out of topic by the way the super magical chest keyhole suddenly disappeared.

On december 15th we got even more cards, the goblin gang, battle ram, dart goblin and the executioner, we can now finally request epic cards every Sunday, we got a new clan chest, this will be every monday and on the last 7 days, we also got a new arena called jungle arena unlock that 2600 trophiesm this was introduced in december but was not available until january 13 2017, yeah don't worry a lot of stuff like this happens throughout the history so if you hear me say something was announced and then it doesn't mean it was released that same day as the update.

On January 13 2017, the same day when the jungle arena was available, clan chest were now every week, it will last three days which would only require like half the crowns they needed back in december and he chest contained half of everything it originally had, it sounds like a nerf but it actually wasn't it was just like you know cut in half but also twice as much make sense! okay yeah let's go.

Flying over to march 10, the clan chest was moved over to start on fridays because it seemed easier and smarter to have them on weekends instead of mondays because people hate mondays you know, march 13 leagues were introduced for players over 4K trophies a new clan chest was added these seasonal draft chests, we also got a new game mode called clan battles which was a new type of literal game mode like it was 2v2 this was obviously new to the game and people were really interested in it so yeah, but it was only like every other week so you couldn't play it all the time, we also got some new cards the bats, heal spell, night witch, and the bandit, aside from all that legendary arena was moved up to 3,800 trophies and the old arena 10 was renamed to hog mountain.

Heading over to June 12, four new cards were announced, the skeleton barrel, flying machine, and cannon cart, and the mega Knight, we got some challenges, triple elixir, sudden death, and the ramp up challenges, more deck slots were added, you can now add friends, you could now copie decks from replays in tv royale and the clans were now unlocked at level one, now we aren't done yet the card shop was cycle to cycle all cards in a matter of three months.

Somewhere in august as well 2v2 was made permanent, so instead of a temporary game-mode you play once in a while you can now play whenever you want it.

October 9th 2017 quests were added into the game, touchdown was temporarily added, battle changes were also added like the ability to rematch, and we can now have deck fight to 2v2 chats, these were just like buttons with pre-loaded chats.

Flying all the way over to the end of the year, on December 12, we got a new arena, electro Valley, unlocked at 3,400 trophies, so many cards were announced, zappies, hunters, and the royal ghost, we got some new chests in the shop as well replacing the old chests.

April 25th, there was clan wars, yes clan wars finally, we also got a new card announced, the rascals, spectators could now also throw emotes, you can now share decks with your clan, and supercell ID was added.

Heading over to the summer of 2018, June 20th we got another huge update, 3 cards are announced, the giant snowball, royal hogs, and the third card called royal recruits, emotes were finally added, so instead of having the four ones that we've had for like two years you can now finally throw stuff like princess & goblin laughing, 1v1 matches above  4K trophies, now had a 3-minute sudden-death instead of a normal 60 seconds and the maximum gold cap was increased once again to 5M gold.

Moving on to september 5th, goblin giant was added and the electro dragon was future to release on another date, we got trade tokens to now trade cards with your clan, war bounty was added, you can now use emotes in the clan chat and also the card levels were switched up so that they would all max out at level 13, so this didn't mean that all corns had 13 levels that would just mean that instead of starting at 1 some of them will start at like you know 9 or 8 or 7, that's just an example.

After a few balance changes on december 5th, star levels were introduced, we had the ram rider revealed, global tournaments, private tournaments were made better than ever, the super magical chest was changed over to the mega lightening chest, you can now add friends directly after a 2v2 match, achievement badges were added to your profile, and legend trophies were removed but compensated with a dank emotes.

2019, oh they grow up so fast, the first update on the 1st of January literally the first day, we got a new arena called spooky arena at 3,600 trophies, the legendary arena was moved to 4k, and a new card was revealed, the wall breakers, which will be released over in February, after a while of bug fixes tweaks and balances, supercell dropped a bomb on April 15th, Wow trophy road, this was a way to climb up the ladder for extra rewards without no additional purchase, so everyone playing ladder could enjoy some really sweet gold, gems, cards, tokens, and emotes, two new cards were announced as well, we got the earthquake and the goblin cage, and we got a ton of new game modes like the mega deck, elixir capture and a lot with all this we got a home screen rework, it was starting to feel a little crowded and hot so it was cleaned up.

Heading over to July 1st of the summer of 2019, the game got flooded, not really I got flooded with season 1, this was the first season the game ever, there was an arena makeover, tower skins, and new game modes, and when buying a pass royale you got the chance to have a golden name, earn much more rewards and earn exclusive emotes and tower skins.

August 5th we got season 2, shipwrecked, now seasons aren't really update so there's no reason to mention every season but it's still cool to see the visual changes and skins and emotes so we'll just mention all of them, and you know like do it really quickly, but that being said on September 2nd we got season 3 and be legendary, but at the end of the same month, we got a massive update once again, a new party button was added, this would allow us to click one button to play multiple game modes that would reshuffle frequently with more game modes, triple Draft was added an improved version of draft battles, tiebreakers were introduced to avoid frequent ties in certain game modes, and then finally the last major addition was crown rush, kind of like the gold rush and jam rush but this was for crowns.

Season four came around on the 7th of October being given the name shocktober, a new card is announced, the elixir golem, a bonus pack was added to pass royale to earn more gold ones finishing all 35 tiers, season 5 flies in on November 11th as the great goblin feast, other than the season changes tie breakers were made a permanent feature across the entire game.

At the end of November though, the 27th came with a huge sum of the quality of life changes and visuals, firstly matches were cut down to 5 minutes instead of the 6, also when clicking a card you can now easily see what the card does and how to counter which was really cool, clashmas comes around on the 2nd of December, of course, being season 6 now, this was the first season were players who didn't purchase a pass got free Tower skins, we also got a new feature called card level boosts, newly released cards could now temporarily be used at a max level for your level of king tower, for the first season the car was released in, this would allow players to test new cards without having a disadvantage.

Now we are in 2020, Wow time flies eh, we're already at season seven January 6 yet it can be called lunar festival, this time though we got a new card, the Firecracker, February 3rd the Arena comes back to a legendary with season 8, and finally, the latest update yet, clash royale announced a new card called the royal delivery, this one was a pretty small update but something big was teased and as of right now we don't really know what it is but we got a hint, I don't know maybe you guys can solve it, but that being said though that is pretty much the entire history of clash royale.

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