In this post we're gonna be going over the entire history of brawl stars,  three years ago brawl stars was released, so let's go over those three years of updates and highlight what has changed, just keep in mind we may be skipping over a few balance changes and skins simply because there's a lot of them and they don't really change the structure of the game, so with that being said let's get right into it.

On june 14-2017 supercell announced a brand new game will be coming out during a live stream held on YouTube, the following day June 15 it was soft-launched in the IOS store in Canada, this meant you can only play on an iOS device and only with the Canadian iTunes account, back then though the game was played in portrait mode kind of like how you play clash royale, bans were 50 members, yes they were called bands, there were only four game modes smash-and-grab which is now gem grab, bounty, solo showdown and heist which was a completely different game mode, there were only 15 brawlers, the economy was extremely different and everything was so different if you were to play it right now you'd probably think it was a well-made clone.

The first-ever balance changes were pushed out about a week later on the 20th, lots of brawler changes, map fixes, and economic adjustments, the next two updates were in fact balance changes, but finally, on July 3rd we got an update, a new brawler Piper, new skins, new maps, an exclusive player profile icons were added after reaching a certain XP and trophy level.

Heading over to september 4 if we got a huge update, two new brawlers were added, Pam and Tara, a new game mode brawl ball, and of course much more, like starter packs, season system, band size increased to 100 members and a ton of other fixes.

Flying over to december 7 we got a new brawler Darryl, the progression system was changed entirely as well but side note, it was changed like three times throughout the game's existence so explaining an old system just to figure out that it was changed again would make no sense so let's skip over that, other than that though new ranks were added where players would be on a continuous ladder of progression for one specific brawler and be able to earn more rewards, another huge addition was star power when brawlers were maxed out instead of just being maxed they would now unlock a star power that was basically a unique ability, every brawler in this update got one, also friendly battles were added, new special events were added they can play with tickets, the two game modes at the time were robo rumble and boss fight, also tickets expired after the event was over, so you couldn't stack up your tickets like he could a couple months ago.

About a week later though on December 18, event tickets were made permanent so you could now buy them in the shop, stack them up, all that jazz, coin boosters were also removed which was big, any remaining coin booster was able to be used until they expired so that was okay.

Now we're in 2018, the first two updates On January 16 and 27 we're balanced changes but on the 9th of March we got something, first up was another change to the upgrade system, pretty much the entire economy was revamped and changed into a new format once again, the main update besides that was spawn protection was added, this was a little shield you'd have the first few seconds of spawning in, other than that though the update was mainly focused on the upgrade system and the economy of the game.

On march 13, the game switched from being a portrait mode to landscape, moving on to about two weeks later, the game was made faster so this meant brawlers and the pets got a speed increase, this was only done to make the game feel more fast-paced, once again though the next two updates were balance changes.

May 21st, this update was huge, two new brawlers, we got penny and frank, the new game mode also arrived, heist 2.0, if you remember earlier I explained that heist was a different game mode, well, yeah heist used to have one box and now it had two in each side so instead of switching between who defended the box and who attacked it, it was now both done at the same time, also dual showdown was finally here, before this it was only solo, furthermore, trophy leagues were added, along with that was a trophy road, spectate mode was added, you can now add friends, there was now a play again button and the social tab arrived, the big box was also renamed to the mega box and the new big box was at instead, we also now had a reward doubler, unfortunately, this didn't last long but this allowed you to double your rewards by watching an advertisement, I really wish supercell would have kept that around, after a few balances during a spring.

On the 19th of June, free chests were added in a shop daily, the showdown was made so that you can choose one or the other instead of just picking one option, so for example, before it would be a solo showdown on one day and duo the next but now you can pick which one you wanted. September 27 supercell ID was added in, mortis losses had for some reason, the battle log was added, event log was introduced, players were now able to spectate after being defeated in a solo match, an elixir and showdown was changed to power cubes, this update was pretty big for what was considered just a quality of life changes.

so now we're finally at december of 2018, the month were the game when global only 12, we got a new brawler, Leon, a ton of brawlers got revamped, we also got new skin revamps as well, another huge addition was that the whole game was changed to be 3d, so instead of everything being 2d, it was now e mixed between both of them, some things were 3d, some things were 2d you know the drill, the menu also got a rework, so the game was pretty much brand new, we got a new modifier, healing mushrooms, players could now request to join a team, tick events now had their own slot.

In January 29th-2019 we got another huge update, gene was announced to be coming soon, some new character models, brawl ball was revamped, to showdown improvement, and life leech was removed, sadly life leech was deemed to be too complicated for newer players to understand so it was removed entirely.

Heading over to February 27th, we got a new brawler, carl, a new game called siege, 12 new maps, launch pads, new skins, do not disturb mod,e and a ton of bug fixes, and brawler bounces, you know the usual, only two months later though we got another massive update, new brawler, rosa, gem grab minecarts, showdown now on launchpads, the UI was changed to look cleaner, brawl TV was added, training cave, name change for gems was now available, color names and much more.

On may 21st we got a new brawler, bibi, four new skins, rosa learned how to talk, club mail, supercell ID 2.0, new map themes, and a ton of other changes, to celebrate the anniversary of soft launching in canada. 

On the 11th of June we got a new maple barley skin, but two weeks later they dropped a big one on us, finally, we got tick, a new brawler, they also announced a second round of star powers meaning eventually all brawlers would have to star powers, also these mecha skins were brought on board which will be able to be purchased using any currency called star points available to be gained by ranking up brawlers and end season rewards, other than the balance changes, new maps, and all that jazz, one thing worth mentioning was the increase in trophies you got for winning a battle, it was now easier to reach 500 trophies, it was probably done to make it easier to gain star points because players were complaining that it was too hard.

About two months later we got a new brawler named 8-bit, besides new skins and reworks though it's just a long list of balance fixes and improvements.

Later on the 18th of december, we got yet another brawler, sandy, this time though besides just the usual quality of life changes and fixes we got two new game modes, first up was lone star which was essentially a relevant free-for-all bounty, and then take down, it wasn't until october though where things started to speed up in terms of content just in time for the holidays, on the 23rd of that month we got emz, a new brawler, seasonal skins, life leech was finally added back into the game, we also got some more in-game content in the form of power play, just three competitive matches a day in return for end of season rewards.

On november 21st, we got to see the first collaboration with line friends which introduced some new skins, and then finally the last update of 2019 was on december 18 where two new brawlers were announced, bea and max, we also got a new limited-time game-mode which was called present plunder, lastly, there was a new champion challenge to get a shot at the brawl stars championship.

So now we're in 2020, we've surely seen better years but and the brawl star side of things it's been fairly decent, the first update on January 23rd we got Mr.P, a new game-mode also dropped in the name of hot zone, besides that though that was in, it only got real intense on march 17th, we got a new brawler, Jacky, another was announced to release later on in April called sprout, and besides esports content, new skins and all that stuff we got gadgets, I think we all know what these are but if you don't these are unique gadgets that unlock an ability for a brawler that can be used three times per match, besides that we got the underdog system, essentially a rework to matchmaking.

On april 14th, we got an optional update that allowed you to customize your controls, why would you not want to update this was pretty sweet if you didn't like how the buttons were positioned on certain devices you can simply fix that problem, alright and finally the last update besides one other after this that was simply just fixes but we can skip on that one.

The last title update on the 13th of may however was a pretty big one, first up a new brawler called gale, which was a new rarity called chromatic, and then brawl pass, yeah clearly I can't ignore that, the brawl pass was supercells take on a season pass once again for brawl stars, jam-packed with boxes, resources, skins and something else that was added pins, with this being added though some things were removed like tickets and the old box system, so yeah as of when the post was published that's pretty much the entire history of brawl stars.

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