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Pirate Kings Game

Pirate Kings Free Spins and Coins

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Tips to Get Free Spins For Pirate Kings

Invite Friends

Inviting friends to play the game is a fun way to enjoy Pirate Kings, you can attack them, steal them, revenge from them if they attack you, and they can do the same, also you can check their score progress on the leader-boards, this retains the spirit of competition. The best part of this is you can earn free spins and rewards by inviting friends, but there is a condition, they have to click your link and download and open the game, connect their Facebook account.
You can invite friends by clicking the menu, invite friends, share my code, and then share that link to your friend through Facebook or Whatsapp.

Receive Gifts from Friends

After you've invited all your friends and they are playing the game then you and your friends can gift each other free spins and gold coins every day, they don't lose anything if they gift you. This is one of the positives that encourage you to invite your friends.

Daily Bonus

Don't forget to check the daily bonus because you can get a big amount of free spins or coins for your pirate kings game by opening the daily chest, also don't forget to spin s the slot machine in the daily bonus, you earn up to 200,000 gold coins.

To claim the daily chest, click on the menu, daily bonus, and click on the chest. To spin the slot machine click on the machine arm, if you get three coin symbols in a row, you will earn 16.000 gold coins, if you get three pirate hand symbols in a row, you will earn 24.000 gold coins, if you get three timer symbols in a row, you will earn 30.000 gold coins,  if you get three skull symbols in a row, you will earn 80.000 gold coins,  if you get three diamond symbols in a row, you will earn 200.000 gold coins, and that is the big bonus in the slot machine.

Pirate Quests

Below the menu button is the Pirate Quests Button, click on it and you'll see a list of missions you can accomplish in the game to earn some free rewards. These missions are updated from time to time so don't miss them in order not to miss the opportunity to get free rewards.

What is Pirate Kings?

Pirate Kings Game is one of the most popular casual games in both the Google Play Store and also the App Store. In Pirate Kings, you have to collect the gold and build islands, buy pirates; also you can spin the wheel to perform an action. You can get gold, spins, shield, steal and attack. In this post, you will find everything you want to know about the Pirate Kings game, Pirate Kings free spins, Pirate Kings guide and Pirate Kings tips and tricks.

Pirate Kings Game-play

When you open Pirate kings game for the first time, it starts with a tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game, in the beginning, you will start with the spinning wheel. The game gives you free spins to start with, you have to press the button to spin the wheel. You can get gold or free spins, attack other pirates' islands and take their gold, you can steal bonuses and prizes from other pirates, and if you get shields that block other pirates' attacks. Use the gold to build islands and buy pirates.

In the part below, we have covered everything about the pirate kings spinning wheel.

Pirate Kings Spinning Wheel

One thing that beginners of pirate kings must know about is the spinning wheel. The spinning wheel is basically the life of the game. Through this wheel, you spin and get something in return. Below the spinning wheel, you’ll see your current amount of available spins. And those spins are used to spin the wheel. Every time you spin the wheel, the game takes one of your spins. The spinning wheel has four basic parts with four different symbols are a cannon, pirate skull, shield and green elixir bottle.


Whenever you spin the wheel and it lands on the cannon symbol, the game will take you to a random island with several targets and you have to choose what you want to attack. If the player you attack has a shield then his island will be protected, the shield will block your attack and it will not affect his island, and you will earn 100,000 gold coins but if he's not got a shield and your attack successfully destroys his island items you will earn 300,000 gold coins. Also, you can revenge against those who attacked you before by clicking the revenge button and check the list of available islands to attack.

Pirate Skull|Steal

When the lucky wheel lands on the pirate skull symbol, the game will take you to three islands and asks you to find the cash king(the cash king is who have the bigger amount of golden coins stacked on his island)and you have to guess which one of the three islands is the cash king, don't worry if you don't guess the which one is the cash king because you will still earn gold coins but like half of what you earn if you find the cash king island.


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The Shield is used to protect your island and block enemy attacks who are trying to destroy your island items. You can have up to three shields at once, meaning your island is protected from three attacks and when an enemy attacks your items while you have shields, your island will be protected from the attack but you will lose a shield, and if you have three shields and you get an extra shield you can send it to your friend.

Green Elixir Bottle|Free Spins

The green elixir bottle symbol meaning free spins, if the lucky wheel lands on the elixir bottle symbol you will earn ten free spins, you can use these spins to spin the lucky wheel again. Also if you don't have spins or you have less than fifty spins you can wait for an hour and the pirate kings game will gift you five free spins.


One more thing you should know about the lucky wheel in pirate kings is betting, below the spinning button there are plus and minus symbols actually they are buttons and you can use them to increase or decrease the betting, the rewards multiply according to the number that you are betting with, the higher you bet means the more you earn, But I do not advise you to do that unless you have a lot of spins. If you are at level one and you don't see the betting buttons don't worry because you can't bet until you move to the second island.

Islands in Pirate Kings

In Pirate Kings, your main goal is to unlock all the islands and protect them from other pirates, they will attack your islands to steal the gold coins from you, in this part, we have covered everything about islands in the pirate kings game, like how to upgrade islands and unlock new islands, how to defend them, and all the tips and tricks that you can use on your islands.

In the beginning, you will start with an empty island called Tropical Coast and you have to buy items from the island shop that appears at the bottom of your screen, you have five items that you have to buy and every item can be upgraded to level five and to unlock new island, you should upgrade all the items in your island to the level five, every item level is more costly than the last one. As you upgrade the items you will notice stars going up to the top right corner of your screen and there's a star icon with a number next to it, that's your score in the game and it is increasing by upgrading items, you can check your friend's progress or the global player's score by clicking the menu button at the top left of the screen and click on the leader-boards button.

When you upgrade all the first island's items you will be moved to the next island, you will earn fifty spins as a gift, you can access the previous island by clicking the menu button and click My Islands, that will open the island map and there you'll see all the islands that you have been finished and the ones that you don't open yet, also you have to put pirates to dig for gold on the completed islands by doing that you will earn gold on every island you have pirates digging on it, so don't stack gold coin and keep upgrading items and buying islands to speed up your progress. If you don't have shields, your enemies can destroy your island items, if they attack you and they successfully destroy an item on your island you have to fix it quickly because if they targeted it again they will destroy it and the item will be disappeared and you have to buy it again.

Pirates in Pirate Kings

Your another goal in the pirate kings game is to open all pirates and complete your pirate collections, there are three different types of pirates; common, rare, legendary, and every type there are ten pirates should be unlocked, you can unlock them by buying chests and the chest cost you ten million gold coins, but what you should know is not every time you buy a box you get a new pirate, you may get duplicate pirate, so it depends on your luck. If you want to buy a chest you have to click on the menu and my pirates, then click buy chest.

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