In this post we're dropping a fifty clash royale facts, well, if you've played for years you may already know all of these but feel free to comment down below out of the fifty how much did you already know, without wasting any more of your time though let's get right into it.

Despite clash royale being available on pretty much any smart-phone you cannot play on Windows Phones.

The fireballs image was changed three times.

You can play clash royale on a fridge.

In 2016 supercell let a couple of YouTubers play around with a tombstone spawning giant skeletons as an April Fool's joke.

The most viewed clash real video is clash real in real life.

Clash Royale is banned in Vietnam since 2018 due to some law changes.

In 2v2 touchdown draft each player is guaranteed to receive one fast runner.

During a tiebreaker death damage is temporarily disabled.

In active clan, leaders get kicked after 35 days and leader is given to the longest-serving co-leader.

Clash royale used to keep their game under a hundred megabytes so that you can download it from the App Store with your cellular data since the App Store had a download limit, Apple eventually remove this limit and now it's not as important.

You used to be able to trade without both players needing a token.

When the game was at its soft launch stages seasons only lasted two weeks.

You can copy someone's tag by just clicking it on their profile.

There is a clash royale commercial made entirely an anime style.

Tt is estimated that clash Royale has generated over three billion dollars since launch 30% of that being from the US alone.

Silver chest has a lower chance of containing a rare or an epic card than a free chest does.
The princess real name is Andrew.

There are some clash royale commercials you probably haven't seen because they only aired in specific countries.

It is nearly impossible to drop back to zero trophies.

The end game in 2016 was simply accumulating legendary trophies after 3K trophies and those accumulated trophies gave you nothing but bragging rights.

Before the game came out there were no kings and princess instead there were archers and wizards, of course this is believed to have just been a placeholder while the game was being made.

There are remains of the flying machine in clash of clans, if you visit the builders village it's gonna be at the dock all the tools needed are just sitting there.

There is a brawl stars logo at the bottom of electro Valley.

The mini Pekka used to have a deeper voice.

The elixir golem was teased all the way back in 2018 in an April Fool's joke.

The bandits name in Japanese is assassin you know.

Legend Ares used to have an extra level but was removed shortly after the only way to get it is to mirror it.

In 2016 class real Wandy Google Play Awards as the best game of the year.

The Prince charge is just his attack times two.

Clash royale brings in an estimated 2.3 million dollars a day and that's just for clash royale.

The clash royale credit was recently updated to have everyone's name in gold before it was just white text.

When the game came out you couldn't have multiple decks it was later increased to three and then five.

Before the game was soft launched in 2016 buildings originally had infinite life time, they would have to be destroyed to go down they didn't have a timer.

The cannon and mortar used to cost a whopping six elixir.

You used to be able to share friendly battles to clan chat.

According to the clash Royale FAQ it is said that the king uses elixir based beer oil with pine scent to keep his perfect facial hair.

The goblin in the shop used to hold a timepiece before the fortunes chest was added.

The League badges resemble the bronze silver and gold league badges in clash of clans.

Back in the day you weren't able to mute emotes.

2v2 was only a temporary game-mode at one point we had a timer on it letting us know when the event would end.

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