Today we're going over some brawl stars facts, I've actually never done a facts post for this game and I feel like it's time, with that being said let's get right into it.

1. Brock's game file name is rocket girl, yes buddy,  they did you wrong not sure why they called them the rocket girl, well maybe he was meant to be a girl blood I'm not sure.

2. Shelley's gun is called a boom stick.

3. Brawl stars is capable of running at 120 frames per second on certain devices, on the other hand, some other powerful phones can run at 90 frames per second and my phone runs at 60, so I can't even imagine how smooth 90 and 120 would be.

4. Brawl stars began development in 2015. That's before clash royale even won beta.

5. You used to tap an anime to shoot at them instead of using a button.

6. The screen used to turn yellow when you aimed your super in the early stages of the game.

7. Nanny is jessie's babysitter or her nanny, hence the name.

8. brawl stars was teased for android way before its release.

9. This is how the game looked in 2016 way before the beta launch.

10. There's third star powers for some brawlers in the game files, these are believed to have been just scraped or just unused or maybe replacements they had if one went bad or people didn't like one.

11. You can get more damage off a shotgunner by aiming the shells at the edge of a target if you're at a certain range.

12. Before the september 2018 update the respawn timer would say new life in instead of back in.

13. The hog rider from clash royale and clash of clans was supposed to be in brawl stars; this was before beta and before really anything to be honest, it was perhaps just a placeholder though because when you have to do something quick and test out a game well you're probably gonna reuse some things and then change it a bit later.

14. Brawl stars made around 200 million dollars in the first four months of global.

15. In the entire 2018, only three brawlers were added.

16. Back in the day when cooking brawl or play in today's terms you can select which brawler you wanted to play first.

17. There is a bird on top of every dynamite skin.

18. Tower star power pet is the only entity in a game who does not have upgradable stats, other turrets or pads like the bear their stats upgrade when the brawler gets upgraded.

19. Before we had more than 15 ranks, matches used to give way less trophies, this was adjusted so that everyone could rank up faster and gain more start points when start points were a new thing in the game.

20. Before 8-bit was added carl was the only robot in the game who had two eyes instead of one.

21. If you're bilingual and want to discover even more content in the videos tab it's as easy as changing your game's language.

22. Trophy road was capped at 14 500 for years before finally being increased to 50k in mid-2020.

23. There used to be an event modifier called life fleech where you lost health over time, it was removed due to developers thinking it was too complex for newer players to understand, although it was never really added back, in late 2019 it was for a few days for Halloween it was called graveyard shift.

24. Gene dynamic and mr p all have the same bouncing animation just at a different speed.

25. You can talk and be ready at the same time simply tap both buttons at the same time and you're good to go.

26. There's a possibility of bots in your matches all the way up until 500 trophies so that really easy kill you just got might have been bots or a noob.

27. You used to be able to watch an advertisement to double your box rewards for a brief point in brawl star's history, it was pretty cool but it's unfortunate that it was gone so quick.

28. Primo and bull appear to have the same exact chest, it looks like they just reused it for the barbarian king bull skin to save some time, this is pretty common in all supercell games where they reuse things so it's not a bad thing.

29. El primo appeared in clash of clans back in late 2018 to celebrate the launch of brawl stars.

30. When you can afford to upgrade a brawler the green upgrade bar below their profiles will have a little shine animation, when you can't afford upgrading that brawler due to a shortage of coins the upgrade bar does not obtain the animation.

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