Today we're going to be going over 20 things players hate and Hay Day, no this is not a series don't worry but I once made a joke about it and apparently people wanted to actually see that they didn't take it as a joke so here we are, since there's no clash royale update that has dropped yet, I mean it has been announced but it hasn't dropped then here's 20 things players hate in hay day.

When neighbors try and get expensive food for cheap, come on man are you that broke.

When you find a box laying around and it's locked.

When you get so many pets you can't even afford to feed them all, I should really stop making impulsive decisions, the heck was I thinking with multiple dogs and cats and horses.

When you didn't have enough carrots so you had to put a random seed to fill in the empty spot but now your ocd meter is off the charts.

When you can never find anything you need in the newspaper, it's always people selling soybeans and stuff you can already make in two minutes like why why would I need to buy that you know.

Waiting for things to get made and having no diamond to skip it.

When you're almost done with your cargo and it leaves trust me i was almost done maybe it doesn't look like it but yeah I was almost done.

Spinning the wheel of fortune and getting the worst reward, see this is how bad my luck is, can't even win anything in heyday must be rigged.

When you run out of animal feed where are you supposed to eat now.

Logging in for the first time in years and not knowing where to start, um do I do the fruit first, wait I don't even have what I need to make any animal feed, what do I do, where do I start.

When you collect all the fruits from your trees and they all die, well looks like it's going to be a long summer trying to chop these down and buy new trees.

How long you have to wait to use an area of the pawn after using a net, come on man I can't be waiting all day just because I used a net I mean why.

When you buy a pack and can't use creator code, what happened here why doesn't hay day have creator code support.

Waiting for greg's shop to reset so you can buy some dank stuff for the low blow feels like forever you know, I hate waiting for it but his prices are definitely worth it.

How long it takes to expand your farm, I can't be the only one who has a hard time finding these items required for it like they're so rare I don't know.

When someone requests something you also request it, I don't know man there's two of us and a limited amount of goat cheese you better go somewhere else.

When you sell something and then you end up needing it a minute later.

How it costs diamonds just to extend your base layout, I mean I know eventually clash of clans added this too but come on, this should be free don't charge for convenience.

When you get to the point of the game where your storages are always full, oh I hate this, forces you to either sell stuff use it or upgrade them barns with expensive items i never happen to have.

Never having gold for squat, man why am I always so broke, I can never upgrade or buy new buildings it's just so hard in this game, maybe it's supposed to be like that but I'm impatient.

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