In this post, we're gonna be taking a look at 11 ways you can get banned from Brawl Stars, not that you should try these but taking more as 11 things you shouldn't do to not get banned from Brawl Stars, anyways without further ado let's get right into it.

1. Selling your account, buying one, or even sharing one with your friend, when it comes to supercell account phishing is a big NO, matter if you found a great deal on a good account or you just want to have your friends play you might get the boot forever, if I were you I wouldn't risk it, well to be fair when I say sharing I don't mean having someone play for you a toss a lease cookout like it doesn't matter but I meant sharing as in having one account for two people, on the other hand, you should never buy an account there are no butts, rifts, it's not tolerated at all, in fact trying to sell your account is just as bad it's not worth wasting money or ripping someone off because you know that account might get banned so yeah don't risk it.

2. Cheap gems, recently a ton of people have their gem balance go under zero or negative gems, you might be wondering why that is and what can you do with negative gems, well it's exactly what it sounds like you have less than zero gems, in other words, you own supercell gems, so to resolve this issue you have to buy more gems to offset the balance or slowly wait to get them from free boxes which can take forever like if you have negative thousand you can be sitting there for two years trying to get gems from boxes, the reason why this happens is that either a purchase was refunded or the player bought cheap gems, which brings me back to the topic cheap gems are a huge NO, if you ever see a website or person offering a discount on gems other than supercell that is cheap gems you never buy them where else you might end up with negative gems or even worse an account ban.

3. Private servers, in every online game that isn't hackable, like supercell games there's always a world known as private servers, which basically takes the game cuts it from the supercell server and runs on its own server created by someone, in these servers you can play with brawlers that don't exist, have unlimited gems and do whatever the hell you want, sounds cool right? but this cool unfortunately comes with the costs and it's a high chance of a ban, I wouldn't go searching how to do it either, I know some of you will out of curiosity and that's fine but don't do anything stupid like actually trying them outs because you might end up getting banned.

4. Showing glitches to the public, well this one may come as a surprise because a youtuber once got their account banned for seven days after having a video showing off some cool glitches and hacks that were rather game-breaking, so you know don't do it, it's unclear what the rules really are on this, so you know just to be safe, I wouldn't do anything but the good news is this should only matter if you make videos or stream on something like Twitter or YouTube but if you just find a glitch show a friend and you know it doesn't really matter because supercell has no proof of that, the whole idea here is simply just uploading it somewhere where everyone can see it that's all.

5. Inappropriate language, this shouldn't be a surprise but if there's a report option in brawl stars they gotta be aware that when you are reported supercell can basically spy on you because they're trying to check on what you did wrong, and in the chat, there's a big bad report button, swearing isn't a huge deal in most cases but you can, in fact, get banned from using too much especially if you're being reported for that exact reason, so clans don't want it so if it cots out you go.

6. Being already banned in other supercell Games, yep this includes clash of clans, hay day, boom beach, and clash royale, if you're banned any supercell games you can be immediately banned and brawl stars even if you didn't do anything wrong, that's just how it works, in the Terms of Service says this loud and clear and there's no way getting around these rules you can't fit it around with its butts, just NO, so yeah just wanted to mention this one because it pretty much is an important one it is a way to get banned in brawl starts.

7. Falsely reporting someone, a minute ago I mentioned how reporting a person can get them banned, but if you use the report button for no reason you can get banned for using it just for fun, if I were you I wouldn't be reporting everybody just to be funny because I can come right back at you.

8. Showing yourself team on a video, this isn't a huge deal but it can get you banned, we all know teaming is an issue in brawl stars and at the moment supercell doesn't do anything about it, but if you make a video or a post if you doing it you're simply telling supercell hey I'm cheating catch me if you can, you have to be aware supercell does check YouTube videos, there's an entire separate team for that to check videos so if you're doing something wrong you aren't allowed to like teaming and showdown even though they don't really do anything about it you can still get banned.

9. The third-party software's, this one is similar to cheap gems and private servers but this not only includes those two it also includes apps that help you do things in the game, a few years ago in clash of clans and an app called I mod was pretty popular, people said it was impossible to detect, but guess what's? people got bands about a year later, the bad thing about it is it was a paid service so you were pretty much paying to get banned, that's a great deal, anything you use that is not approved by supercell or on the App Store will get you banned so just playing that's it.

10. Your name, I know it's funny to name your account a bad name or something, I know it's funny to name your account bad name or some other crazy stuff, but it's not funny when it comes to supercell, you got to keep in mind kids play this game and having names like that can hurt supercells reputation and force them to make the game a higher age and you just ruined it for everyone else, but instead of dealing with all that mess, you'll simply get your account banned and that's it's, you better hope they simply ask you to change it first because the second option isn't looking too cute.

11. Being underage to play, I left this one for last because I know it's gonna upset some people but, you can be 5 years old I don't care and to be honest, supercell probably doesn't either so you're good to go.

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