PSP games are some of the best games you can play on your smartphones, if you are a lover of psp games you will definitely agree with me that playing the best psp emulator games for android is entertaining and immersive so far today, we bring another hottest list of psp games that you might love to play.


Ghost rider is a third-person hack and slash game, the game's story line is drawn from the movie and was penned by marvel writers garth enos and jimmy pamiotti, players can play as ghost rider both on foot or on the hell cycle, the villains are both from the movie and the comic including scarecrow, death watch, lilith. The game features a system reminiscent to that of god of war and devil may cry even having some of the same controls and style of attack.


Prince of persia revelations. This is a third person action adventure puzzle game, in game you play as the titular prince who possesses extraordinary acrobatic abilities, the prince can run up in a long walls, jump great distances, the prince is also a champion sword fighter and in revelations you'll be fighting lots of sand creatures as well as a few bosses, overall it is a super game for those who love the princh of persia franchise.


The godfather is an open world action adventure game played from a third person perspective, in which the player controls also trapani as he ascends to the ranks of the corleone family with his rise intersecting with the narrative of the film on numerous occasions, the basic gameplay and game mechanics are similar to most open world titles, as the player can travel across the city freely, commandeer vehicles, do whatever they want in terms of attacking or killing innocent civilians, overall it is a great game for those who love GTA and Mafia series.


Aftermath is better suited to players who are new to the survival horror series and want better odds of finishing the game, with minimizing the feeling of helpnesses and dread, a surprisingly good game with good graphics and a nice storyline. It's generally worth it for some fun co-op great atmosphere and really beautiful music.


Jak and Daxter it's primarily a story based platformer presented in the third person perspective, the player can explore a multitude of different areas in an open world environment and can perform several mealy attacks, a substance called eco can also be manipulated to enhance the player's abilities, differently colored eco has different effects.


Spiderman 3, it's a third-person action-adventure video game set in an open world based on manhattan, players take on the role of spider-man in complete missions, linear scenarios with set objectives to progress through the story, missions are structured in a non-linear manner like in the grand theft auto series, meaning the game features multiple storylines.


Gta vice city stories, it's an action-adventure game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective, structured similarly to other releases from the grand theft auto series, the story here gets changed with lots of twists, you can try living a life of gang members and take part in different missions to keep your power hold on the gang culture.


Hellboy science evil, this is an original storyline set in the hellboy universe, filled with classic characters from the comic book, the explosive battle system with contextual grappling commands lets players experience hellboy's supernatural might as he unleashes the right hand of doom on his enemies, players control hellboy in a third person perspective as they progress through a series of levels broken up into six chapters.


This is an action adventure stealth game set in an open world environment and the good news is you can enjoy this game on your android device just with an emulator, however in this game you will be back to your past to find out the history of the great assassin who carried your genetic features, it is altair and you have to find out the latest templar who flew from the holy land to retreat to the island of cyprus.


God of war ghost of sparta, probably the most popular game for the psp user, this action adventure game is full of mythological twists and a striking story and enough combat to keep your thumbs busy for many hours, the story behind the game is completely based on the life of the mythological hero kratos, the game looks great better than chains of olympus.

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