With a huge success among us is seen in just a few months it's obvious that people are gonna try to rip it off and create their own version and put it out into the world, so today we're looking at 10 games that ripped off among us that are pretty much exactly the same but mostly a lot worse by the way.

Among us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio

Minecraft Among Us

Popular minecraft coder, youtuber and streamer phoenix sc, released a map pack fit with a resource pack as well to fully immerse players, mixing together minecraft and among us has led to a very interesting and honestly more terrifying and fun experience, the rules are the same the crewmates run around the map attempting to complete tasks while the imposter tries to murder the crewmates, phoenix sc has done the work tremendously so far only paulus and mira hq are available but luckily they are available in the same world so that way players don't have to worry about swapping worlds in the middle of play.

Among Us China

A new game called werewolf among us has become the most downloaded free game from the chinese app store, the south china morning post reported it overtook gaming behemoth 10 cents honor of kings and peacekeeper elite to claim the top spot, the clone bows similar if more cutesy graphics to inner sloth surprise hit among us and is set in a medieval castle instead of in space, the difference between this game and among us is players collect clues and unlock more poses and while this is going on there are werewolves which we know as imposters and they go out to kill the players who are searching for these clues, it's just safe to say this rip-off is very successful.

Space Kill

It's one of the massive rip-off of among us from china and the one of the major similarity of this game is that space skill pretty much has the exact same map and game mechanics of the original game, there's one major difference, instead of a text chat space kill decided to go for more of a cheerful setting with voice chat, yes the game features live voice chat, anyway they did everything the exact same with the cafeteria playing online with your friends eliminating when you're the imposter and last but not least you even have to perform specific tasks to make sure you can win the game without being eliminated, let's just say this is a super rip-off of among us.


It's totally inspired by among us and set in an unknown planet instead of spaceship and the graphics are the beautiful, but the game mechanics is the same as among us where each player can play the role of crew or imposter, the goal is simple you have to finish tasks or discover and eliminate all imposters instead of this you can connect this game through discord directly in the game and play with more 10 players in the game, also the game offers new maps and different unique tasks if you like this game then probably go and check out this game.

Among Us 3d

A game developer and youtuber named danny recreated among us as a 3d first person game, he explains the whole process in the video, showing the 3d models, how we created the maps and sound effects and how much time it took to finish each step, I gotta admit it's pretty cool and well made, mr beast even played it with jacksepticeye and laser beam just showing off how fun this game could get, but danny isn't the only person who has attempted at making among us in 3d because you gotta check out.

Among Us With Rrealistic Graphics

One youtuber named fat dino shows off what that could possibly be like in a brand new video, in fact, he's recreated a significant portion scaled map from among us with unreal engine on pc, the result is absolutely incredible, not only does the game look insanely realistic with its new graphics and perspective change but it ends up keeping the core concept of among us intact, in addition, fat dino also shown off some raw multiplayer gameplay from the project, one of the more hilarious moments comes when he's playing as the imposter and kills another player.

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