In this post, we have 25 more things players hate in brawl stars, yeah it's about that time again where we pulling out those annoying things in the game I just can't stand, I love the game don't get me wrong but it ain't perfect, so let's get right into it.

1. How trophy road is just the same two boxes after 15k, okay I know we asked for more trophy road content.

2. When you kill someone in a dual showdown but his teammate spawns back immediately and kills you because he had spawn protection, yeah that's usually how it goes, I hate this it almost feels like if someone partner spawns in front of you, it's over, it's a guaranteed loss like there's no coming back from that.

3. When you're typing a mail but run out of space.

4. When my teammate chooses the brawler I want to play so now we're sitting there waiting for each other to change brawlers but it never happens.

5. When you turned off from requests and supercell id, but still keep getting them, no offense man but I can't accept the bad thing because I have too many friends, I feel bad for rejecting people and that's the reason why I keep it off, but it doesn't even work, why? fix it supercell, come on, got me out here looking bad.

6. When you dash at someone with colette, but they move so now you look like an idiot.

7. When so many people are logging on to get edgar that the game literally breaks, not even lie, if you are playing the first hour or so of edgar's release, you probably remember the game needing to go into maintenance because it almost caused world war three, I mean supercell what did you expect, you told everyone the time and date on when a free brawler is gonna release, of course, the game's gonna break it's free.

8. Bad submission maps, why are half the map some stupid portal map someone thought was cool enough to submit, why? like I can't even, just make normal maps please I shouldn't have to take a portal to access the rest of the map.

9. When someone kills you and throws a happy face, this is like the equivalent of teabagging someone or spamming emotes in clash royale "my god fix your face before I fix it for you".

10. Getting pushed into the poison with gale.

11. How we still only have three boxes, you know by now I thought we'd have at least two more boxes, same three boxes since 2017 I believe.

12. When you join someone's lobby and they go offline "why'd you invite me anyways".

13. How everything gets censored in the chat, okay really this isn't a family-friendly clan we had that off, so why is a chat censored all the time, am I missing something here I can't even say coc I know it sounds weird when you say it but, I mean it's the game's initials.

14. How you can't view the exclusive season skin before deciding if you want to pay for it or not, look supercell this is the same as going shopping and the employee tells you yeah we don't have that in stock but I can order it for you online, what? no I want to look at the item before I get it, let us look at the skin at least, that would be dope, you can do that in clash of clans so I believe we should have something like this in brawl stars.

15. When your clan dies and all your friends quit playing so you're forced to be social or play with randoms, oh my god social, I can't be social, every time I go to a restaurant and the waiter says enjoy the food I reply thank you too hella awkward, I know but randoms? no way I hate talking to people but this time I'm gonna have to face my fears.

16. When you change your favorite brawler after a bad match, so you can even out your team a little better but your partner does the same thing "come on man we can't be switching brawlers after every match how are we supposed to find a good combo".

17. How it took me so long to realize I could have been doing my quest and entry maps instead of losing a million trophies in regular matches.

18. When you had a sick replay you wanted to show someone and the maintenance break hits.

19. When there's no play again button when you first unlock a brawler, you know how annoying it is to go back to the main menu, only to press ready over and over until you reach 50 trophies, why is this even a thing, whose idea was it to remove that button, if it ain't broke it, don't fix it, I mean like why? is there a reason you can't press play again when you have a new brawler like I don't get it.

20. When there are still four other teams in a showdown with the map barely having any space to move anymore.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and feel free to comment down below some things you hate in the game.

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