In this post we're going to be going over 18 ways to get banned in clash of clans; don't take this as a tutorial, I mean it really should be called 18 things you should avoid but let's be honest everyone wants to know how to throw away 8 years of grinding out this game and spending every little penny laying around on gems, I made this article for brawl stars and clash royale but never for clash of clans so let's get right into it.

1. Not safe for work base designs, "dude look at my face design it looks just like a pair of uh a pair of coco nuts yeah" listen here you ain't fooling anyone, whatever you made your base look like can get you banned that includes inappropriate words, images, and hate symbols, next time you try and be funny just to show off for an instagram post you might want to think twice about that.

2. Buying cheap gems, huh jeep gems they didn't know that was possible!  well, hold on there just in case you're about to search it up you might want to think again because buying cheap gems is basically buying gems of a shady website that offers them at a cheaper price, how? I don't know, but this usually results in having negative gems after supercell finds out and or a ban, if you're let back into play you'll have a negative gem balance which means any gems you get will go toward that until you pay off your dues.

3. Buying or selling an account, this is got to be one of those told you sold rules, people out here buying accounts for top dollar and end up having an account banned shortly after, might as well drop a load of cash for a tutorial on how to breathe on the other hand selling your account is just as bad, people try and cross out their names and such but come on, super so isn't that stupid once they see you travel from the us to india in under two minutes something ain't right here your account is acting rather sus.

4. Sharing accounts, sharing is caring right! unless of course you're talking about a super so game, this ties into selling and buying accounts but it's also a bit different because this one is way more common and often mistaken for being perfectly fine, if you have siblings that play on your account that's fine don't worry about it but if you're sharing your account with a friend half across the world that might be an issue, you run the risk of getting banned so I wouldn't recommend it.

5. Fishing, this one is very related to sharing accounts but this one specifically is pretty much like asking for personal details, when global was around this was a huge issue, it was mostly thirsty kids asking "hey is there any girls here" like no of course not, this global chat smells like hot farts doritos and mountain dew, of course, there isn't any girls here, either way this didn't stop people from pretending to be a girl and asking for personal information because wow a girl is talking to me on a game, she must be real huh, well if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a 40-year-old man isn't exactly the same as a girl you know what I mean, now that global has been removed though these things still happen in clan chats so be careful on what information you ask and share.

6. Rushing your walls, this one is actually using external services or mods, I think a few of you may remember that one time in 2015 and 2016 where certain apps were used to automate things in clash of clans, you want to know what happened to those players who used it? they ended up maxing their base out and now have nothing to do they're really bored, I'm just kidding they got banned, supercell found ways to find out who was using it and the band hammer came, the community was struck, oh my how could they ban us for using mods, man these people are dumb, fast forward to today I'm not sure if these services still exist but one thing is for sure if you use them there's a very high chance it's a trap, you'll be waving goodbye to years of hard work in your village.

7. Your name, if somehow you got around the automatic potty mouth detection system, you may be in for a one-way ticket to ban land, sounds like a fun place, I luckily this usually leads to a soft fan and a chance to change your name, free way to change your name! um, I don't know, a soft ban isn't a 100 guarantee, you're pretty much rolling a dice here if you want to decide that this is the best way to change your name, the best way to do that is just pay the fee for it, but if you get a soft ban and keep doing it it'll ultimately lead to a permanent ban.

8. Publicly promoting game-breaking glitches and exploiting them for views; One perfect example of this was master of, a channel with over a million subscribers at the time was banned for a video he made on a glitch for clan wars, I'm not allowed to exactly explain what he did or what the glitch was because I don't want to get in trouble for potentially promoting the glitch if it still works I don't know? but the moral of the story here is that if there's a glitch and it gives you an upper hand aka cheating you might get banned from the game and from uploading clash of clans so be careful what you create hype around.

9. Being already banned in other supercell games, let's say you were banned in hay day back in 2012 for I don't know, I mean dude how can you get banned from hay day but that's beside the point, if you wanted to play bra stars today you may have a slight chance of being banned for no reason, although not necessarily enforced I don't see people getting banned for this because why? this may again just be one of those forget about it rules.

10. Being underage, this one is more in a who cares type of rules section, it's not a huge deal, presumably just there for legal reasons so although you could get banned for being underage to play clash of clans and it is under the terms of service I wouldn't worry about it too much, I haven't heard any stories of people getting banned because they were too young, like that's crazy but because it is a way to get banned then it's in the post.

11. Playing in vietnam, this one is rather sad, as you guys may have heard because I've said it like 10 times like it's relevant news to us, all supercell games were banned in the country of vietnam, and in case you haven't figured so were the players, yes they did nothing wrong and they were banned because of the country laws, that's kind of sad, but if you somehow managed to still have an account there or move there and continue to play I can't tell you how much supercell actually cares but a ban is definitely a potential thing because after all the game has been there you're not allowed to play in vietnam.

12. being falsely reported, luckily this leads to a soft ban and not very much of a permanent ban unless supercell really finds a reason to do so, but it's still annoying as heck when someone does this to you, don't worry though because on the flip side falsely reporting your peers can get the other person banned too, so before you go out reporting everyone and their mama think twice about this, don't abuse the system because it ain't a joke.

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