Ever wondered if you play clash of clans too much? "no me neither" well today we're going to be going over 10 signs you're hooked on clash of clans, don't worry I won't tell anyone about our problems, we'll keep this a secret between me and you because I sure do everything in this video so let's see what those 10 things are.

1. You clash anywhere you go

There ain't a no bad place to play clash of clans you heard, the bathroom, gym, everywhere I go I play clash of clans, most casual players rather play in their free time but come on man, every time I breathe is free time, plus attacking a base only takes a couple minutes beside the one hour that it takes to find a good base, but let's not mention that, but hey listen if you're playing clash of clans anytime anywhere you're hooked.

2. You use clash of clans slang

Yo bro I just hit a whale using gowipe, what? you hit a whale using what? yup we all got issues, fun fact there's even a clash of clans dictionary and thesaurus on reddit, what are we doing? anyway I can guarantee you casuals won't understand most of it, I remember being in king's rock in my leaderboard days and I'd request for truth with the numbers 2-2-3, of course back then you couldn't click on which troops you wanted so you had to kind of just ask for it, anyways when I visited other clans they'd be confused as heck, what the hell was a two two three? well, two two three was and probably still is used to describe two witches, two wizards, and three archers, that was the most common defense back then two two three, clash of clans slang you gotta love it.

3. Compare real world objects to clash of clans

You ever been to a museum and someone mentions teslas and you're like "yeah I know all about teslas, ah yes a barbarian level 5 sword, that level 3 cannon didn't age well, nearly 1 000 for one gem, come on I can get like 80 of them for a dollar in clash of clans" okay that's enough comparing, I do this all the time, please tell me I'm not the only one, everything I see is comparable to the game in one way or another.

4. Spending money on the game

You saw this one coming, I can for sure tell you casual players rarely ever spend money on the game, if any at all, I have tons of family and even my wife who always says "it's just a game i play it for fun but I won't spend money on it, that's crazy" so if you're out here buying packs, skins, you're probably somewhat addicted to the game, now it's one thing to be free to play, because you want to, and another because you have to, if you're a kid with no money and literally can't buy anything don't worry this does not apply to you unless you plan on blowing your first paycheck at your first job in the game that's a different story.

5. You stay up playing

Ah yes I remember the good old days when I stayed up every night in the summer to play clash of clans till 4am, not only summer but I probably failed math because of it later that year when school started, good old days huh why can't I be 15 again, sorry getting carried away there, if you stay up playing very late even if you need to wake up early for something important I can guarantee you you're hooked, it's not that you got problems it's just that you enjoy the game a lot, all of us have done this at one point don't worry.

6. You remember approximately what year each obstacle is from

Yes christmas tree 2014 edition, cauldron 2015 limited edition, headstone, prehistoric, this is not normal okay, but somehow I remember every year and what season a obstacle spawned, it's kind of crazy, maybe I need help, but don't worry though because we're all in this together, if you can relate to this you're addicted.

7. You watch a whole lot of clash of clans content

Ah yes searching for bases, strategies, what is a gowiwi, once you start searching and watching videos for the gam,e you'll like this is a sign you're hooked, trust me I know a lot of casual players who could care less about what goes on about clash of clans on youtube or reddit, why read this post that's a waste of time right, most people reading right now either love the game and got this or accidentally clicked.

8. High trophy pushing

Trophy pushing is different than just farming and upgrading stuff, it's the competitive part of the game, I mean you can argue that clan wars is that, but I think clan wars and trophy pushing are both competitive in their own separate ways, but writer what do you know about trophy pushing? you're a noob right, hey you listen here, I reached number 16 in the world back in 2015, or was it 26 I don't know that's besides the point I was in the world leaderboards it was at least top 25 or something, I spent most of my day in my clan which was number one in the world at the time, I had my ipad on with the game nearly 24 hours a day clouding and searching for just one trophy that I can get, imagine that if all of this sounds crazy don't worry it is crazy it just shows how addicted I was to this game at that point, was it worth it?  yeah, would I do it again? no.

9. You've been playing for years

You even remember the TH10 blue walls, most people I know have quit, some don't play as much, and some only remember the game by  the icon when they had it on their iphone 4s, yup a lot of people tend to get tired of game after a few months or a couple years, it's pretty normal for this to happen, take for example many popular games out there that have dropped an interest or have become irrelevant, a lot of people have left, but the ones that stayed are either new to the game or just plain old addicted, same goes for me and clash of clans, I've been playing since 2013 and man it feels like it's been my entire lifetime, I was like what 14 at the time I'm not 21. sure I've had moments where I just don't play for a couple years but I always go back to clash of clans, it's just that game you know.

10. Your battery usage looks something like this: Clash of Clans 100000%

Okay that's just a joke, but the real one is this one: Clash of Clans: 35%; a third of my time I'm on my phone it's clash of clans, how? I don't remember playing that much! do I play that much? don't worry that's why I have an ipad as a backup which probably has like 100 clash of clans usage, I can't help it though if the game is fun I'm play it more than I scroll through social media and study, it's just how things go it's common sense.
That should be it for this post, that is it for the 10 signs you're addicted to clash of clans, there most likely will be a part 2 once I gather enough ideas, but if you guys want to comment your own ideas feel free to comment down below, comments help out a ton so uh yeah hope you guys enjoyed today's post.

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