In this post, we're going to be discussing 10 things that originally were not supposed to be in the game but were added anyways, these features are what known as ruled out, many of these ruled out features have ended up in the game and turned out to be very good, so let's get right into it.


Emotes as a reaction in the clan chat it can't get any more clearer than that, emotes have been in the game since the beginning of time and this feature was ruled out before the new remotes were even in the game, those were added in the summer of 2018 and by september of that year we could use them in the chat, it's believed that supercell just simply changed their mind because after all an idea that may have been stupid at one point can seem like a great one later on.


This is referring to the chest slots and being able to unlock two of them and open them up, because everyone knows that having four slots can be a pain sometimes some players were wondering if we could ever unlock two chests at the same time or queue two of them up you know, well as many things in this post that sure does sound familiar.
With the introduction of seasons back in mid-2019 you can now queue a chest so that it starts unlocking after one is done, technically you aren't opening or unlocking two chests at the same time since if one is done, the other one still has to unlock you know, but if you start unlocking a chest and key one up and come back hours later you kind of open two chests at the same time, this one is debatable so feel free to comment your own thoughts down below.


This is weird because exactly how it was written, was added, even if you don't have enough gold to upgrade a card it'll still show you its next level upgrade stats, it's unclear why this was ruled out in the first place much like everything on this list besides a few, but it seems like they thought about it again and said "hey it wouldn't be that bad it could be useful you know" back in the day before this was added you could only compare stats with tournament standard and if that card was ready to upgrade you could see its next level, today it's available at any point.


At one point this idea seemed laughable and rather creepy, I mean everyone wanted their privacy rights, and the ability to lurk without being seen used to be fun, the only way to know if someone was online for years was if they were your friend, and in the clan, if they were battling, but that quickly changed with a full-blown online tick, this doesn't bother me at all, in fact, it's actually nice to know if someone is online if you want to ask them something or if you aren't trying to guess who's online based on the counter, games today have changed and are evolving and seeing who's online is becoming rather normal.


This one also ties into the last one a lot, so we'll just briefly discuss it, for a long time we couldn't see how active a clan member was for whatever reason, I mean if you're an og you'll probably remember this never being in the game, that's because it wasn't, later on it was added and then for the clan wars 2.0 update things changed a bit, but the last scene online was still part of the clan, you now have to click on their name and it'll tell you and if a person has been inactive for a very long time it'll actually show a badge to indicate that that member is inactive or it might be for the most inactive member I don't know but yeah it's there.


It's unclear what they meant by a filter, but it's most likely they were talking about a sensor feature, this is in clash of clans, brawl stars and I'm pretty sure in all supercell games today including clash royale. The future ended up in the game nonetheless which is good because clan chats can get wild sometimes and it doesn't always stay family-friendly and if you're a parent that can be a problem.


2v2 was added a long time ago, it's a fun way to play the game without going all competitive and all that jazz because at the end of the day you lose nothing, but there was always one annoying thing about it, people leaving in the middle of the match for various reasons, a few months after 2v2 was added though the team ruled out the possibility of any punishment for leaving a match, this remained this way for a little over a year and a half until may of 2018.
You can now get a one hour ban for leaving a 2v2 match, now although this is what some people wanted, not everyone agreed, this feature was rather annoying to deal with in cases of the player lagging out accidentally like that's not your fault right or maybe your partner was trolling and you just want to leave, the punishment is also rather harsh, quit two matches and you get two hours, do it again you get four, then eight, then two days, and so on, so huh yeah let me know your thoughts on the comment section below.


This one was added but not the way everyone wanted, what everyone was asking for is a reduction in time it takes to request cards, instead, we got a paywall behind it, this doesn't mean they didn't fix the problem though, I mean they literally added a feature to request more you just gotta pay, and it's very clear why this is, this isn't a neat feature in supercell games though, you can do this in clash of clans, the only difference between the clash of clans and clash royale is that in clash of clans your clan can actually unlock perks and one of them is a faster request time, I talked about this feature in my latest wishlist post and I gotta say it would fit perfectly in clash royale.


This one ties into another feature later on in the post but basically, once the ability to meet emotes was added players wanted something even more, which is a button to mute it like forever, not forever just something that you wouldn't have to click after every match you know now, this has kind of been added as when you go into a match and you mute the emotes, the next match you go into it'll still be muted, if this isn't exactly that feature everyone wants it, I don't know what is because I think it's a great addition to be able to toggle this on and off without having to turn it off and on every single match, that's what we had to do at one point and it was kind of annoying.


This was described as 2v2, 3v3 and I guess 4v4 5v5 10v10? I don't know? something crazy, any battle that included more than two players, I mean do I even have to explain this one, we clearly have 2v2 in the game, it just shows that some of the features you rule out might be the ones that are very successful, it's unlikely we'll ever get a 3v3 or 4v4, but if 2v2 was once ruled out then you never know what's in the future.

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