Welcome ladies and gentlemen to 2022, to whole new decades, so why not start the year off right with 20 new Android apps that you will find to be useful, I genuinely think that all these apps are fantastic no matter how many downloads each one has so thumbs up for that.

Quick disclaimer: none of the apps that I'm about to show off are sponsored or in other words have paid me to include them in this post

Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Taking a look at the first app, it's called remote fingerprint unlock, for those who have a PC you can use this app to remotely unlock it since it uses your smartphone's fingerprint sensor or face unlock feature if you have a device like the google pixel4, the best part is that you don't even need root or ADB to get this working you just need to install the windows module on your computer and from there you will need to follow the instructions found within the app to get it paired up, it has a ton of features especially if you get the pro version and its supports wake-on-lan so I can wake up my ethernet connected PC from sleep and unlock it automatically, I can unlock multiple computers and add various accounts to each computer and it has widgets and launcher shortcuts to unlock your PC straight from your androids home screen.

Firefox Send

Isn't it annoying when you have to share multiple large files with your friend especially through Android, I mean we've all been there, now with Firefox Send you can quickly share large files by uploading them to this app, then it'll provide you with a temporary link to share with your friend, so he or she can download those files quickly, don't worry files are uploaded with end-to-end encryption so only you and the receiver will know what you're sharing and you can share file sizes up to one gigabyte in size, if you sign up for your Firefox account then they'll allow you to share files that are up to 2.5 gigabytes in size.


If you're constantly getting interrupted by unimportant notifications yet you still want to keep them around just in case the app gives you an important one in the future, you can use Daywise to solve this issue, the app only allows you to see imports and notifications instantly and you can view the rest later when you're not busy, instant notifications can include messages, calendar events, uber ride alerts, phone calls, emails, or anything else you would deem to be important, all the other notifications will notify you 4 times in the day in batches, that way you can avoid checking your phone hundreds of times a day.


Split cloud double music allows you to listen to two different songs at the same time, so you can share your earbuds with your friend, for example, if your friend wants to listen to Drake but you want to listen to a different artist like Cardi B, then you can put the Drake song on the bottom music player that song will play off the right earbud and then put the Cardi B song on the top music player to have it play off the left earbud, now each person can split the headphones to listen to a different song, plus it allows you to select songs from SoundCloud so you will rarely not find the song that you're looking for within this app.

Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10

Android 10 improved the native Android dark-theme immensely, but it still doesn't have an important feature, you can't have the phone automatically switch between the light or dark theme based on the time of day, Automatic dark theme for android 10 allows you to do just that, within the app you just set what time you want the dark theme to be enabled and what time you want the light theme to be enabled instead, you can also just have the theme follow the sunrise and sunset times in your area, a pretty simple app but it's useful if you want to switch between modes instantly.

Volume Control Panel

Volume control panel is a must for those who still don't have the new Android 9/10 volume slider, so just any Samsung device, this app lets you obtain the new volume slider, it's not an exact replication but it's pretty close in comparison, you can even expand it to control multiple volume profiles at once, you can customize it such as turning it dark, showing a screenshot button, starting it collapse or expanded, and more, they have a premium version to unlock even more settings such as changed in the starting position, the color excluding it from apps and more.

AirDroid Remote Support & AirMirror: Remote Support

AirDroid Remote Support & AirMirror: Remote Support are great tools to let you control one android phone with another phone, this is perfect if you have a family member who is always having problems with their phone, you can have them install AirDroid Remote Support and then you will need to install AirMirror: Remote Support, so you can help them when you're not physically in front of them, while their phone is being captured you can voice chat with the person, message them, interact with their screen so they can know where to tap, and the person that is sharing the screen can pause the session, depending on your Wi-Fi connection the resolution is pretty good, sure there is a one-second delay and the live video isn't extremely smooth, but it's clear enough to assist the person on the other end quickly.


Moving on for those who download a ton of apps every week, you know how painful it is to uninstall the ones that you barely use, skit is the perfect solution because it allows you to uninstall apps in batches, on top of that you can extract the .APK file from any application on your phone, even system once, and each app that I tap provides me with more technical information, if I want to know the number of apps that I have on my phone it lets me know in the analytics section and in the statistics tab I can see why OS each app is targeting as well as the minimum OS each app requires for it to run.

Split Screen Launcher

Split Screen Launcher makes it easier to open some of your most used apps in split-screen mode, all it does is create app shortcuts on your home screen to directly launch two apps into split-screen, just open the app, select shortcut, name it, select the top and bottom app, save it, and in the menu that pops up, choose add automatically so the shortcut gets added to your home screen, that's it, now every time you tap on the shortcut those two apps get opened in split-screen mode automatically, just keep in mind that not every app supports split-screen mode.


If you use Uber or Lyft and usually have both installed to find the cheapest ride to your destination, then you can use Anyride to quickly find that information without needing to open both apps, within the app you choose your pickup location and destination and it'll compare the prices between Uber and Lyft so that you can select the cheapest ride possible, the fares are the exact same you can even call a ride straight from this app without needs have uber or lyft open it's incredible, obviously, you will have to sign into your uber and lyft account but once you do, the app goes straight to work.

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