Want to know what is the best legendary card in clash Royale? Legendary cards in Clash Royale vary wildly, and difficult to choose between them and you must use the right card at the right time, a legendary spell or unit can garner win after win, so in this post, we are going to rank off all 18 legendary cards from worst to best.
Note: The rankings in this post are an outcome of personal opinions.

Witch Mother

Witch mother who I always say incorrectly is not good, she is not good at all, in fact, I think that sir tag said she's one of the worst cards in the game, and believe it or not the stats actually back that up, she has a 35 win rate in grand challenges where everybody has her maxed anyway as long as you have her unlocked, she's really bad right now, although I will say that she is a compelling interesting kind of card mechanically but in terms of being powerful enough to actually want to upgrade she feels anything but legendary, which mother comes in at number 18 on our list, how would you buff witch mother I want to throw that question to you guys because clearly, this card needs a big buff.

Ram Rider

Coming in at number 17 is and by the way a big gap between number 18 and number 17. All these cars from 17 and beyond, in my opinion they don't need a buff, I don't think any of these legendary cars need buff they all feel legendary unlike the mother witch so it's ram rider. Ram rider it seems like on paper she should be a really good legendary card, she always seems to connect with the tower, she is pretty decent on defense against balloons against hog riders but at the end of the day her win rates are just pretty low as a matter of fact, battle rams seems to be preferable in you know 95 percent of pros, 95 of just even regular people like me, mere mortals in the game tend to go with the battle ram over the ram rider, ram rider just not in the meta right now that's why she comes in at number 17.


Coming in at number 16 is probably the card that I’m most scared of on this list which makes no sense but it's sparky. Sparky just has every single card that's introduced to the game seemingly counters her right and we talked about this before in the past so I'll keep it short but most recently the electro spirit, the electro spirit was made to you know counter sparky another thorn in the side of sparky, I personally think the worst kind of card added for a sparky user was the electro dragon just difficult to get rid of that card and it has the chain lightning from the air just really annoying, goblin giant is pretty solid inside the meta it feels like sparky should be better than she is and she's pretty good but again her use rates and her win rates again just are not as high as they seem as they should be as a matter of fact they're one of the lowest in the game for legendary cards, I want to see a buff to sparky do it should I ask for a dare I request a buff for sparky I don't know what do you guys think.

Magic Archer

The magic archer and it's really nothing against the magic archer, magic archers use rates are lower than they've been in a long time I've ranked magic archer top five in the previous legendary ranking post but the truth of the matter is people are just generally going with cards like ice wizard musketeer or even the electro wizard over magic archer inside the meta right now, especially with you know cards again being added to the game like the skeleton, dragons, or like electro dragons, they just fit in more decks than necessarily the magic archer in the current meta, so nothing against magic archer I think magic archer's a great card despite you know the periodic nerfs the card has seen over the years.


Princess is only right now being used in bait in terms of all the meta decks inside the game and as every bait player in the game will tell you except for molt who doesn't play bait but does complain about it daily on twitter, the princess right now is just not that great because bait is not that great as a matter of fact the best bait decks right now aren't even running princess, the highest win rate bait decks right now are running dark goblin and skeleton barrel in the decks instead of princess, when you're subbing out the only legendary card in this deck well that's a problem and princess right now I don't know if she needs a buff or it's just kind of a meta thing by the end of the day she's just not as strong as she used to be.


Bandit is still a very very solid card inside the game but really because of the fishermen we're seeing a lot less bandit usage, bandit counters or fishermen encounters bandit and fishermen counters practically everything a lot of people are using three elixir cards like the knight and like fishermen in lieu of the bandit really the only deck that we see banned still in is you know bridge spam and that's about it even some bridge spam decks opting to go with cards like dark prince in the place of the bandit, so bandit has definitely seen better days inside the arena.

Mega Knight

This card is probably gonna be the card that most people have a problem with, in terms of my overall rankings and that is the big fella mega knight, so I have no idea why but mega knight always has low win rates is it because only noobs use mega knight certainly not, could that be part of the problem I have no idea but the stats speak for themselves guys mega knight win percentage right now is one of the lowest it's actually the second lowest legendary card in the game, third lowest by the way is princess, second lowest mega knight number one lowest or the number one lowest is the mother witch but mega knight win percentage 39 that is bad even though I hate going against mega knight and he feels incredibly strong but at the end of the day I mean the win rates just aren't there for that card and I feel like cards like valkyrie for four elixir actually probably give you a little bit more value than the mega knight right now inside the game.

Night Witch

Slowly creeping her way up the list, a list after list, every time we do these rankings it is the night witch, night witch is just the absolute quintessential support card for beat down decks and she's being used a lot more now because unlike back in the good old days 2017, 2018, 2019, most of 2020, she's now being used in decks other than just golem, she's being used in a lot of electro giant decks an electro giant surprisingly actually has a pretty decently high win percentage so a lot of people who have electro giant actually leveled up or using him inside of grand challenges are opting to use the night witch in those decks as well, night witch is probably the best support card for golem players as well so night witch you know the kind of remaining steady about halfway point inside today's rankings night which is just well poised for the current meta.

Royal Ghost

The royal ghost is actually vaulted up the list again, ranking after ranking I want to say the last three rankings, this is his first time inside the top 10 in a while, for a long time the royal ghost was one of the bottom two or three cards but the royal ghost is actually a lot better when they removed or added the hover mechanic to the card, now you can go ahead and utilize him in more ways than just in the lane like a regular ground troop, it's now a hover card alongside the battle healer inside the game and the royal ghost is seeing use outside of just you know pekka bridge spam decks, the royal ghost is actually seeing use inside three musketeers actually inside the three musketeer deck that I am playing right now albeit three musketeers does have a one percent use rate so that's not saying much but I have seen the royal ghost even in crl creep inside kind of off meta decks, real ghost is actually a pretty good car with all kind of the swarming cards going around right now, nice to have that royal ghost inside your deck and he's being used about the same as the dark prince right now that says a lot for the royal ghost kind of again right in the midway in today's rankings.


The lumberjack's seeing a lot of use lately both with balloon and with gollum and with a variety of other decks, we're seeing lumberjack hog rider, lumberjack bridge bam, lumberjack basically anything that can benefit from rage right now, so lumberjack has seen a real kind of uptick in usage alongside the mini pekka who a lot of people kind of go between the mini pekka and the lumberjack in terms of a hard-hitting for elixir card and a lot of people are opting especially with those wing conditions, the balloon, the golem are opting to go with the rage carrying lumberjack right now, that way that's why he makes the list at number nine.

Electro Wizard

The electro wizard and again kind of like the magic archer I think the electro wizard is better overall in the magic archer right now inside the game but there's just a lot of other options, there's musketeer who's seeing way more use rates than the electro wizard, and I think that's overall probably a good thing for the game, however there are two sides to that coin right because think about it I mean if you do if you're lucky enough to pull an electro wizard, you really want that card to be very very good head and shoulders above other cards like archers and musketeer that's just not the case right now, but I think that overall again I defer to my original point, I think that it's better to have these really strong kinds of classic cards like musketeer, like archers, which again are seeing a higher use rate and around the same win rates as compared to the electro wizards, so similar to magic archer again we are putting electro wizard I mean this is a pretty high ranking for the card at seven, but at the end of the day could be higher, just a lot of other options at that four elixir kind of range defensive type troop in the game.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard's still one of the best defensive three elixir cards inside the game, I think that three elixir cost has a lot to do with it and obviously the very very unique mechanic, the ice wizard has the ability to slow down troops, still an amazing synergy between the tornado and the ice wizard one of the most formidable kind of defensive combos inside the game, you can play ice wiz nato and splash yard in golem in a variety of other matchups inside the game a variety of other decks inside the game right now so heading into 2021 looking really really good looking to be a good year and remain a good year for the ice wizard.

The Log

The log, in theory, should be number one it's a really really useful spell, one of the highest use rates obviously out of any legendary card, but the fact of the matter is right now it's the barbarian barrels time to shine more barbarian barrel being used inside the game then the log surprisingly, so the log in with less log bait going around as well even though there's a lot of log bait it's a little bit less than it used to be in terms of its place right now inside the meta, I think that at the end of the day log still a top-five legendary card on the list, I mean what do you have to say about the log.


now the reason everybody plays graveyard so much because it's consistent and it's not as matchup dependent as a variety of other win conditions in the game,  the graveyard and royal giant are two cards that are most reliable in terms of the least amount of awful matchups for those cards, so whether or not you agree with that, at the end of the day graveyard still remains just one of the most solid win conditions and it really rewards patient gameplay, so hey if you're a patient player out there and you haven't tried your hand at graveyard recently despite the nerfs to the card or the reworks to the card I think most agree the card is still incredibly good inside the game one of the best win conditions inside clash royale here in 2021.


The miner a three elixir card that is again so unique inside the game no other card like the miner inside clash royale, he received a nerf some people thought he was dead, but he is certainly not in the win and the use rates both on ladder and grand challenges and classic challenges, all attest to the fact that minor is still on the top of his game, there's minor wall breaker cycle which is one of the most popular decks inside the entire game, the one with the bomb tower, and of course minor giant still a thing, the miner can be used as a complementary kind of second wing condition in so many different decks inside the meta, miner lava hound as well, who we still haven't talked about, all of these kind of metas, all of these decks are incredibly viable and powerful inside the game right now, that's why miner ranks in at number three on today's list.


The fisherman obviously so powerful inside the game right now, you can't argue he is the number one card in terms of win rates inside grand challenges, he's probably the number one legendary card in terms of crl, but we're not ranking this list just on pro players trying to encompass everybody who plays clash royale which is difficult to do even 2v2 win and use rates it's hard to kind of factor everything in, but I think at the end of the day the top three it's a very very narrow kind of selection process but fisherman is so good I mean king tower activations, pulling tanks away, whether it be a golem or just a hog rider any wind condition he's so solid against, heck you can even use a fisherman in unorthodox ways such as to tank against graveyards his hit speed is actually not that bad, so even with the knight being very strong right now, even with the miner being strong very strong right now, the fisherman still is able to carve out his unique and in a really solitary position right now inside the meta, because no other card can do what the fisherman does, a lot of people still think he needs another nerf, me personally I love the fisherman's meta, remember you know what six months ago when fisherman was absolutely dead I like it a lot better and you guys might disagree with me with fisherman actually being in a prominent place right now so I'm happy with the strength of fishermen but I do think I'm probably in the minority there.

Lava Hound

The lava hound as I did mention, it's really close between the top three, but lava hound owns ladder, the highest wind percentage win condition inside the entire game, and it's a reliable and trustworthy source of just building a deck around inside clash royale, the lava hound is very very strong right now, cards like executioner natural kind of counters to lava hound are not very popular right now, so lava hound is very very well poised to dominate the meta and continue to do so, so let's go ahead and pay attention to what cards get buffed in the next kind of quarterly balance changes.

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