Clash Royale is an amazing game, but there are some features is missing in the game, in this post we're going to be taking a look at some dank features I want to see in clash royale, anyways today I gathered some more ideas I thought would be cool in clash royale from the small quality of life changes to massive features that will make clash for you at least a bit more enjoyable let's make clash royale great again.

Graphic Settings

You've probably read it before in my previous posts, but if you didn't know some devices have lower graphics, they look kind of blurry and pixelated textures, but this is because they can't handle some things such as shadows, high-quality textures, and higher frame rates, the only issue though is that these settings are determined by the game, and we never have access to them, but this system isn't perfect, many players have reported that the game has chosen settings that the phone simply can't handle or vice versa like the game looks horrible on really high-end phones, this leads to certain devices lagging, overheating, having frame rate issues, looking bad, and the only logical answer to this is simply letting us choose these settings ourselves, I'm not sure if this has been thought out over at the clash royale team, but this can help a lot of players have a better experience in the game, this screenshot represents it a lot more better than I can even say it, they have the shadow on and off, effects, shadow quality, texture quality, I mean it's there and if we had this it would make things much more easier and solve a lot of problems.

Clan Perks

This next one is clan perks, if you have played clash of clans before you're probably familiar with this system, it's not only in that game but many other games out there, so it's not a direct copy from clash of clans because I know what a lot of you are thinking "mobgamer we can't have everything in clash of clans over to clash royale, you might as well just play clash of clans right" well no it's not like that, it's just that some features just work, you know and this is one of them, this would be cool for clash royale because it would actually give everyone in the clan some kind of reward for being there, I found some of the screenshots of these ideas and even though they're a little outdated and some of them would probably not apply to the game anymore it still shows what it could be, so every time your clan levels up by I don't know doing battles or winning wars you unlock perks for each level so maybe for level one, your card request cooldown is reduced to I don't know six, five minutes or whatever it is right now, maybe the next level you increase your chances of getting gems from a chest or get more gold from battles, increase the amount of cards you can request or something, all of this is something clash of clans has already perfected and it just works, it's not necessarily because clash of clans has it, it's because this would work in clash royale like really good, if clash of clans didn't have it I would probably compare it to another game and just say look this works and by the way clash of clans and clash royale are already incredibly similar so adding this wouldn't be that bad it would be awesome.

Clan War Medals

Now this next one is interesting because although it hasn't been confirmed supercell actually responded to this so that has to mean something, so the whole idea is that you earn clan war medals in clan wars 2.0 I say clan wars 2.0 because it's specifically designed for the new clan war system and you know some improvements to it, you can save up medals or spend them at a shop solely utilizing those medals you can buy maybe chests, emotes, tokens and maybe resources drew from supercell actually responded and said this idea would be cool and they had thought of it he said a shop where you can use a currency called clan coins for rewards, but they moved away from it sadly and he said he'd love to revisit the idea and maybe add skins and cosmetic rewards, he also mentioned it would be sort of like the clan war league shop in clash of clans, if any of you play that game the clan war league shop is actually pretty cool and very rewarding, something like this for clash royale will be amazing and hey, some of the things I like to see in the shop are maybe boost we rarely ever see those pop up in the shop, individual card boost, maybe some chest stuff like this would be pretty cool and I really hope they actually revisit the idea.

Deck List

Next up is a deck list, now I'm not sure if I've said this before, I've said something similar to this but I saw this pop up on red again recently and it's interesting, basically what it is, it's a tab you can open with other decks you may have wanted to keep but just didn't want them taking up a slot, we've seen clash royale add more deck slots but like i'm assuming I'm not alone when I say that after a few years 5 doesn't seem like it's enough anymore, the meta for the most part changes all the time, I mean that's a debatable thing to say, but you can't argue that you, want to use decks, different decks all the time, but you just don't want to delete any slots, it looks perfect you don't want to mess up the decks you already got, you want to have the ability to save more decks and put them on the back burner just in case you want to use that old deck for a challenge or if you have tons of decks for 2v2 because that game mode is not really entirely affected by the meta, I think this feature would be a solution to that and not only a solution but it would be cool.

Battle Confirmation

moving on we have a battle confirmation screen, I want to revisit this concept and elaborate a little more on why this would be great to have, there's also a few examples we're going to be looking at, since the beginning of time people have missed click to the battle button and they're accidentally set into a match because the castle button is a joke and then they lose because they have the wrong deck, I don't believe it'll be that hard for the team to implement some kind of confirmation pop-up because we already have one, sort of, this pop-up only shows up when you cannot earn any more chest or gold but if this can be done then you can have something else, taking a look at this example right here, I know it looks cool you can select a deck, you have options, you can change things, but it doesn't need to be this complex, for it to be helpful, the second picture here is simpler, it shows your deck, it's clean and the third one I like it a bit less but it shows the amount of solutions the community has come up with for this problem, so maybe they can consider something like this.

Add Friend

Okay this one has definitely been mentioned by a lot of people and probably me like three two four years ago I don't know, but it's a add friend button, okay hear me out supercell, it makes absolutely no sense that you have to 2v2 with someone or share our link elsewhere just to add that person as a friend, if brawl stars can do it it should be possible here, I'm not hating on the team but this is just one of those pet peeves I wish was fixed already, I always get axe to share my link  can we 2v2 so I can add you as a friend and sometimes I want to say no, but I don't want to be rude either so I just end up 2v2 you know how easy it would be if we just had an ad friend button, brawl stars also has a code system where you can add them by their tag, in clash royale we have tags but they're just not useful in any way, now I found this concept here and although he's adding a player from his activity log, I think this should be a universal thing where if you click on someone's name there should be an option to add them as a friend or at least somewhere in the profile, I believe I made this concept a couple of years ago and it's basically just a button and this is exactly what I'm talking about this would be so useful and I'm not sure if a clash royale team even knows that, because it's really really simple.

Community Card Testing

This next one is not a feature but I guess it kind of is, it's a community card testing let us test some new cards first as a community, now look, I know supercell has this thing where they test cards as a team, but that doesn't always work, I'm sorry as many people have said before including me, I feel like supercell should introduce some kind of open testing for new features or at least cards, no matter how good the team thinks a card is balanced, you aren't truly going to know how op or weaker card is until you release it to the public like you just found a raccoon fed it bathed it and released it to the wild, all I'm saying is at least let the community have a say before we have to wait days or weeks for a fix that would solve a few problems.

Cosmetic Badges

Now this last one on the list is not something big like the others, it's cosmetic badges for clan members, this is an idea I've seen over social media and some people have said well what's the point you know like it sounds stupid, but I disagree, I think it sounds cool, basically it's a metal system or some kind of badge, you know that displays what that clan member is doing best, like the top donator or most trades done, oldest member in the clan, new arrival so everyone knows that he's a noob "just kidding" it would give people a little more of an incentive to do things that maybe have gotten boring in the game, but now there's a reason to because you might be recognized for donating a lot or being here since the start of the clan you know or have the most war wins because you have to check everyone's profile individually to do that, so that should be it for this list.

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