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Imagine and creating and sharing worlds with your friends is one of the best things you can do in video games, tapping into this imaginative energy, Roblox quickly cemented its place in videogame history as the tour de force of creativity, with first-person shooters, adventure games, platformers and even face builders, Roblox has every type of game for every type of gamer and today we're going to take a look at seven facts about Roblox, we'll be diving into the history of the game as well as looking at the amazing things you can create.

knowledge Revolution

The beginning of roblox actually traces all the way back to 1989 to a man named David bouzouki, David is the current founder and CEO of roblox, but in 89 he was starting a company called knowledge revolution, this company focused on creating educational physics software, the software would aid students in solving real-world physics problems by being able to manipulate 2d objects such as ropes and spring

knowledge revolution then went on to create a 3d physics program that soon became widely popular among mechanical engineers, this technology laid the foundation for what would soon become roblox's own unique physics engine, as roblox players know the ability to manipulate and play with all the different objects in the game is one of the biggest reasons the game is so successful, in an early blog post from 2011, David details the process that went into creating roblox's general-purpose physics engine, david stated the roblox physics engine is designed to work with thousands upon thousands of objects in the game, it's an incredibly impressive engine and is responsible for all of the objects in the game moving in a realistic way, without this engine arms would move less like they do in the real world, to David a realistic physics engine was essential because he wanted each player roblox to have the tools necessary to create whatever their imaginations could make, for as he put it everyone can have the power to make anything

when you download roblox from the website you're actually downloading two things, the game client called roblox player and the creator tools called roblox studio, the studio is where players get the chance to truly utilize the incredible tools that David and his development team have provided, the game is constantly being updated as well, in 2015 this physics engine was revamped into a new engine called the PGS solver, the PGS brought even more customizable options into the game allowing players to create even more exciting and realistic new worlds.

If You Build it They Will Come

The fan reaction of roblox has been massive, though the initial build of the game debuted in 2006, it's been going strong for 11 years, in 2013 David reported having over a billion page views and 29 million in-game hours each month, the ease of accessibility was a huge draw for players as the system requirements to play the game weren't high and the cost of entry which free, add that to the comprehensive developer tool and players had fun and readily available game in the hand, the use of access and creative potential the game made it popular upon release, it was so popular in fact that multiple conventions hosted roblox meetups

in 2011 many roblox specific conventions quickly sold out which led to the organization of the live screens blocks con in 2013, fans who weren't able to buy a ticket for blogs con we're able to watch the panels and videos online which further expanded the fandoms reach, as of 2015 the developers of roblox hold their own developer conventions every year, in which roblox staff and developers common brainstorm ideas together, though the fan conventions have stopped the community is active as ever creating and uploading games daily, as of now roblox is slightly ahead of Minecraft in terms of monthly users with 56 million to Minecraft 55, roblox also recently hit number one in top free games in the u.s. talk about tough competition.

Games for Everyone

roblox sports is an incredibly robust set of game creation tools, because of that fans have been able to recreate famous PC games as well as their own unique creations, counter-strike the popular military fps by valve is expertly mimick in the game, thanks to roblox Studios kit and a talented fan base it's under the name counter blocks and has tens of thousands of plays daily, other popular games include jailbreak, a player escape game where one side plays as cops and the other places prisoners and Island, which is a survival game where you team up with other players to outlast a zombie horde, other roblox favorites include the tycoon series of games where players run and maintain their own business, there's a ton of these games available on roblox such as McDonald's tycoon, theme park tycoon and even moon tycoon, which has players capturing planets to buy gear, the only limitation roblox developers seems to have is their imagination, with such variety in games it's no surprise to hear that in 2013 roblox was number one in the US for total engagement time with kids and teens.

The Builder's Club

As of now roblox is still free-to-play, though there are payable options for those who want even more content, roblox introduced the blocks builder's club a cleared paying system that allows users to pay monthly in order to unlock extras such as consistent flow of roblox and in add free experience, roblox are the in-game currency for the game and allow you to purchase items such as clothing for your avatar, roblox also allows you to buy items to bring a multiplayer game, upgrading to the builder's club also allows players to sell items that they create in the game, in jail break the game mentioned earlier you can use roblox to buy accessories for your car such as radio, players can also buy items such as different hairstyles, angel wings, and hats, roblox encourages players to invest their time and talent into this economy by allowing them to develop items to be sold to other players this can only be achieved by upgrading to the builder's club as mentioned before thanks to the system many players have been able to earn a few bucks just by playing roblox.

Developers Raking in The Roblox

Announced at the 2017 Developers Conference roblox developers raking in the robot onference roblox will be paying over 30 million dollars to their game developers, what developers generally ranging from the late teens to early 20s that means that some roblox developers are funding their own collagen by making games, which is to be honest a great excuse to tell someone when they say you've been playing roblox for too long, this is by far the highest payout to developers that roblox has ever seen, some individual developers are receiving two to three million dollar payout and get special invitations to the developer conference, developers get paid when players purchase robots to spend on in-game items in the custom game they created, if you purchased the radio and jailbreak the developer that game gets a cut of the proceeds

roblox draws in a massive crowd of developers with about 2 million of them as of today, David said that the biggest challenge for the studio is retaining the massive talent, one of the biggest advantages of developing for roblox is the cross-platform exposure, roblox is currently available for PC Xbox smartphones and tablets, meaning developers can showcase their creations to a very wide player base, roblox is unique in that all players get to play with each other, regardless of platform if you play on Xbox you can still play with your buddies on PC, David always wants the spotlight to be on the developers saying we're not famous our developers are famous to ensure this a program called roblox stars is in the works to promote games from some of the top developers in the community, roblox seems like it was engineered to ensure talented developers flocked to it with its huge player base an impressive array of developer tools.

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