Today we're going over some clash of clans facts, I've actually never done a facts post for this game and I feel like it's time, I've been playing the game for eight years and with the recent urge to make clc content again I thought this multi-part series would be cool to start so stay tuned for the next episode very soon with that being said let's get right into it.

The clock tower, star laboratory, giga inferno and giga tesla all have roman numerals on the building that indicate its level.

In 2017 when the builder left the village many different troops were seen upgrading in its place.

In the early days of the game, if your army camp was destroyed your troops would also die, this was later changed for very obvious reasons.

When dark elixir was released it was said that it was created from fossilized dragon bones.

On december 13 2019 clash of clans, community manager darien posted this picture of the rarity of christmas trees showing how many players have each stream, 2012 only being in around 2600 accounts now that is a rare obstacle.

Donated troops used to walk into the water instead of the clan path.

At max level, the gem mine will have produced 1752 gems in one non-leap year.

Spring traps used to affect pekkas at launch, yes your pekka would fling to their death by a simple spring trap.

The lava launcher was originally supposed to be called poison mortar, this was due to it having poison spell-like effects on troops, once it was announced through the name had already been changed.

When a troop finished his training smoke appears in the army camp that the troop will go to.

Prior to the may 2017 update the boat you see in the shore could also be seen in war bases floating among the trees.

If you use gems to upgrade all your walls from level 1 to 14 it will cost 673895 gems or 4813 dollars.

If a troop has been boosted into their super version they appear as their normal version when emerging from the barracks and will then detour to the super troop barrel to get transformed into their super form before making it to the army camps.

Talk about attention to detail it's been reported that the clash of clans team consists of only 15 people.

When you look at an abandoned base that hasn't logged on to the game since the march 2017 update the boats in the shore will not be there.

The bowler was originally a troop idea for clash royale, but it was scrapped and then moved over to clash of clans, but after some time it was eventually added to clash royale.

The builder hits a building 88 times per minute while upgrading something.

The word elixir comes from al iksir which is the arabic word for miracle substance, not sure if I said that correctly but yeah, it dates back to the 3rd century bc, elixir was rumored to change base metals into gold and prolong life indefinitely.

You can easily swap the position of two buildings by holding one on top of the other.

In the early stages of the game, traps had no levels what you saw is what you got.

At launch, there were no spells.

You have to be 13 to legally play clash of clans.

If there are no walls left, wall breakers will simply blow up next to a building, but since they do so little damage to anything but walls, then they're kind of just waste it, that's kind of depressing, one of these skeletons is called larry.

The village size was increased twice since 2012. it started at 38 by 38 then increased to 40 by 40 and then 44 by 44 in 2015 to accommodate the new massive town hall 11.

The game only took six months to develop and it's been reported that only two people worked on it.

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