Today we're gonna be going over some features, strategies, and particular objects that were removed from the clash of clans, fair warning for those who have been playing for ages, you might already know most, if not all of these on the list, after all, supercell rarely likes to remove something they already added but for those who started playing more recently like the past couple of years here's a list of all those things that are no longer in the game or no longer possible to do just keep in mind though we won't be mentioning any special event obstacles like trees or pumpkins because those were meant to be limited so maybe we'll save that for a different post, so yeah let's get right into it.

Rare Stone Obstacle

You might have noticed how stones were present when you first started playing but since stones can't regrow, once you've removed them they were gone forever, so most people don't have a stone anymore, there is a handful of stones that are randomly placed in all these villages and they're pretty common but there's one particular stone that is not like the others, in early versions of the game this odd looking stone was able to appear in any newly created base like any other stone, except it became unobtainable soon after the game's release, so since most players removed the stones back in the day to clear up their village, there are now only a few players left known to still have this stone in their village, it spawned for a short period of time and never again, fun fact though the stone actually reappeared in some new single-player maps that were added in late 2018 and that's pretty cool.

Global Chat

This feature was in the game since the beginning of time, it was a launch feature and used by many to find new members for the clan and just have some fun conversations, unfortunately, there were also major problems with this global chat because of the game's low age requirement, essentially that chat would usually be home to swearing, threats, spam, and fishing, on september 2019 supercell announced the feature would get removed in the next update and they would instead be focusing more on the recruiting future, part of it had to do with toxicity but mostly due to two reasons, threats of violence and child predators, two things they can't really control unless they hire hundreds of moderators for each and every language that is spoken in the game, do you know how difficult that is, so global was removed and even though it's missed to this day it was for the best.


The original waterfall was an iconic part of the game's map design, it was already part of the game since launch and it looked pretty neat, but the developers ran into a problem because this was 2012 most phones like the iphone 4 couldn't handle the major graphical power the waterfall needed, so phones would end up lagging and running at a lower frame rate, it just didn't run well, on november of 2012 the waterfall was removed, all that was left for about eight years was pictures and stories about the waterfall, now although there has been a waterfall added back recently in march of 2020 due to phones now being able to support practically triple a games on it, the waterfall isn't the same and we didn't have one for eight years, for that reason I still wanted to include this in the post and because of course it's a very iconic part of the game's history.

Sell Buildings

At one point of the game, you could sell buildings and very important ones for that matter, you could sell your storages, clan castles, defenses, everything but your town hall, well there was that one glitch that let you almost sell it but I don't think it actually worked if you pressed sell, anyways this feature was removed in the winner of 2012 for very obvious reasons, too many players were selling very important buildings in their base and it just didn't make sense to keep this useless future, why would you ever need to sell a key part of your village, the only thing you could now sell after these changes was decorations, if you ended up needing space you could always sell it back for a small percent of the original price because decorations weren't that important in the game they were just decorations which brings me to the next one.

Selling Decorations

This one isn't as a big deal as selling buildings altogether but for years you could sell decorations you bought up until december of 2018. Instead of selling decorations back to the shop, you could now stash them as you can in hay day, stash basically means putting it away until you want to use it again, but the new stash feature though the ability to sell decorations was removed altogether because it was no longer needed.

Blue Walls

Back in the day the max walls for a town hall 10 looks like this, a very blue electric style, this remained that way for years but when supercell was ready to unveil the town hall 11 they also decided to change up the style of these level 11 walls, the main reason for this was just the blue wall seemed out of place, it didn't make sense that everything in town hall 10 was fiery and red and hot lava and then out of nowhere you had these blue electric walls that didn't fit anywhere, once again it just seemed out of place, a hundred percent, then the walls were changed to accommodate the town hall 10 and town hall 11 a little more and now we have the orange walls, we have other blue walls today but those aren't the same walls and they actually match the corresponding town hall.

Lightning Looting

Okay, so these next few items on the list aren't objects or features so to speak but rather things you could once do but can't anymore. Starting off with lightning looting, this was a huge problem in the early days, people would cook up a few lighting spells and go out find a base with tons of dark elixir and drop it right on the storage and end the battle; obviously, this was super annoying because all he had to do to get tons of dark elixir was drop spells on other people's storages that is until june of 2015. Supercell implemented a storage shield that would protect these storages from damaging spells and preventing people from using this strategy.

Upgrading Level 7 and 8 Walls With Elixir

When the ability to upgrade walls with elixir was first added in September of 2014, the walls had to be a minimum of level 7, and then it was later changed to level 9 and above about 3 months later, I don't believe there was any specific reason for this but I did read somewhere that it was impacting the lower town hall economy since everyone was using their extra elixir to upgrade those walls people were having a hard time finding elixir this isn't such a huge issue in the higher town halls though so that's why the minimum was just increased not completely removed.

No Personal Break

back in the day, you could practically stay on 24 7. Literally, there was no personal break that would force you to go offline, this new personal break feature was done to combat a problem in the leaderboards with people staying on at all times to avoid getting attacked and people came up with smart ways to keep their Ipads or Iphones on 24 7 like for example building a robot that would tap your screen, supercell's answer to this was simply forcing a personal break after so many hours of playing and I think it works pretty well.

Cooking Spells With Gold

In a way, this wasn't removed because it was instead swapped with elixir, before the swap though you had no specific choice but to cook with gold, supercell changed this because it made more sense to keep gold for upgrades in the village and elixir to train and upgrade troops which was a smart decision.

Inferno Tower Blocking Heel Effect

It used to be that if your troops were getting healed and an inferno tower targeted it would bypass that healing effect or in other terms block that healing effect, this was terrible to say the least it kind of made healers and heal spells useless for a minute there, on December of 2017 though this ability was removed and a few months later in march, the inferno towers multi-target was given a slight buff to help with this because the inferno towers had become weak.

Tesla's 2x Damage to Pekkas

In october of 2016, supercell ended up removing tesla's ability to deal double damage to pekkas, the reason was due to underwhelming pekka usage since teslas became more powerful the pekka's use lowered, they had no other choice but to remove this ability, after all, why should one defense deal more damage to a specific troop you know we saw something similar to this before that as well.

The Eagle Artillery's Ability to Deal Three Times More Damage to Golems

The eagle artillery didn't originally have this ability but it was added shortly after its launch and then removed a few months later due to the same reason as the tesla, golem attacks were simply weaker now and they had to remove this.

SkeletonTriggering Traps

this was removed because skeletons would activate all traps before the actual army got into the base, making witch-based armies extremely powerful for example gowiwi, people would send in mass witches and their skeletons would go ahead and activate all the bombs so that when the witches got into the base there were no bombs exploding next to them, so they made it so that skeletons can no longer do this, I believe they also gave the witch a buff because of this.

Healers Immune to Air Traps

At first they weren't immune but then they were made immune to boost the troops usage, then they backtracked on this and made them no longer immune to traps, it's believed that supercell was just experimenting they saw that healers had a low usage rate so they ended up adding this immunity, but then they saw that it was too powerful and they just said okay never mind we'll go back to how it was before I think it was better that way.

Town Hall Sniping

In 2015 when town hall 11 came out, town hall sniping was a very controversial subject, this was a preferred farming way because while you protected your base's loot other people looking for trophy simply took the town hall and left, supercell didn't like this and it was like this for years until 2015 when they had enough, they practically made the town hall a very important part of the base and you now have to protect the town hall, putting your town hall outside no longer gave a cheap shield and you were also risking some of your bases loot so yeah it really didn't work anymore.

Luring Heroes

This was a huge issue for clan wars, basically what the issue was heroes would basically have eagle sight and they would see anything happening across the base, so if you dropped a barbarian on the edge of the base the king or queen would notice and would walk half across the base and that was hero luring, because then once they arrived at the edge of the base you could then take them out with like a dragon or something, supercell ended up fixing this the heroes will no longer detect anything half across the map and walk over, there instead they have to be closer to the target and this is very great for clan wars and high trophy pushing.

Poisoning Clan Castle Troops

This was also a problem and a strategy used most commonly in wars and high level trophy pushing where people would simply lure out the clan castle and drop a poison once they were just sitting there and they would all die, you know they weren't moving, there was a poison on top of them and that's it, that's all you had to do to lure the clan castle and take them out, this was later changed to troops now being able to flee from the poison spell, which is very smart, you gotta give props to supercell for coming up with these ideas, if you'll lure the clan castle troops out of the clan castle and drop a poison they will now walk away from it, once again this was one of those strategies that kind of just ruined the point of having a clan castle sometimes and then it was fixed.

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