Today we're going to be discussing 10 things only noobs do in brawl stars, now this post is in no way meant to call out anyone for pulling new moves or playing differently you know, take this video as more of a guide if you're fairly new to the game, and hey some of you veterans out there might find some of these useful, so with that being said and without wasting any more of your time let's jump right into it.


This applies to 3v3 game modes, I'm not sure about showdown I mean there's not really any lanes in showdown it's just random chaos, but in maps that do have this three-lane setup make sure to spread yourself in lanes and not all go in the middle, try to have someone play in the middle, someone in the right, and someone in the left, if you play games like league of legends, mobile legends, arena of valor, you know that as a team picking a lane you'll be focusing on before the match even starts is super important, a lot of players and teams don't do this and if your team is, you have a big advantage, you can easily close in on them and control the objective this applies to most game modes especially gem grab.


Too many times I've seen my random duo partner sandy go after a shellian, you know you can't beat the shelley unless she has low health, the simple answer to this is just knowing your purpose in the game, if you're using poco, you can't be getting in people's faces, if you're primo don't go for them unless you know you can catch up to them, throwers keep your distance it's simple after some time though you eventually learn this like the back of your hand, just simply playing the game is really good practice so it's not like you have to do anything major you'll eventually get it.


I mean you might get away with second, third place in a duo but I can't see this ever being a good option and trust me I've done it numerous of times, yes sometimes I become a sort of wussy and then just hide, but what ends up happening 99 of the time, the map starts to close in, I have to leave my bush and find another comfortable bush, and while I'm walking to another bush, I get spotted and who do I get spotted by people who have been playing normally with 10, 20 power cubes, they spotted me, a noob with zero power cubes, you know how that's gonna go, either they're gonna chase you down or you'll run out of hiding spots and be forced to face players you can't simply beat, at the start of the game it seems like a good idea sometimes I've done it in solo, duo and every time the outcome is less than rewarding, why hide all game anyways, the whole point of brawl stars is to win, if you're chasing third place in duos and solos I guess for a couple of trophies, I just think you're missing out on the real fun here, if it ever comes to that point where you value trophies more than having fun I don't know what to tell you.


When attacking someone, everyone has ways to try and dodge those bullets or at least avoid getting killed, but with every technique, there's a flaw, there's a way to counter it you know, one thing I've commonly seen in showdowns and other game modes is an enemy, is dancing around so you miss your shots and most of the time it works, a simple tip to counter this problem is instead of trying to hit them as they move, shoot one direction multiple times that way they're more likely to walk into a bullet while they're weaving left and right, this obviously won't work all the time it really depends on the situation but this is something that's definitely worth trying to counter these annoying players who rather dance left and right when you shoot at them.


Noobs run into the open and use the wind as cover, okay I'm not sure if this is obvious or not but there are a lot of ways to use the map and different objects as a defense, for example, if a person is trying to take you out and you happen to be I don't know near some walls or a cactus, use them, you can easily dodge someone's bullets by just taking cover, circle the wall if you need to, do the moonwalk or that awkward basketball walk you do when you and a stranger walk in the same direction, oh god I hate when that happens every time in public, trust me it works, while you're healing the enemy is wasting his ammo so uh yeah, another thing worth mentioning is using boxes as cover whenever you feel what's necessary I mean if the enemy is a barley or someone who does flash damage maybe not try that but brawlers with no splash damage why not they're gonna attack the box not you and then you can steal the power cube anyways so uh it's a win-win.


Okay just because you have three throwers doesn't mean you'll lose but come on, that's not a very balanced setup, the same goes with players who bring a team of all support brawlers, now if you're playing with random sometimes this isn't going to be your choice, you know, things happen, that's why it's always best to play with a friend or at least search for a team, and when you do, you should always balance your team out and discuss who's going to be who before going into a match, I see a lot of people who just pick something and ready up, again I want to emphasize that this does not mean you're going to lose every match but I can guarantee you, you're gonna have some bad matches and your win rate will go up if you at least discuss who's gonna be who, for example, if you're playing gem grab, make sure you have a person who can carry the gems, support brawler and a player who can control the feel without dying easily, there's actually websites that'll help you do this if you need help a simple google search for best brawler combo and brawl stars will do literally the first result I found had pre-made team combos for every game mode.


The player who wants to show off because he learned how to do some cool tricks with his buddies in a friendly match, I don't see this problem happen all the time but I assume people try it because they want to show off or they saw a montage, a trick shot mounted on youtube and they want to do exactly that, although trick shots can be a cool accomplishment you shouldn't be out here risking the entire match if you and your friends are actually trying to win, now maybe if you and two other people agree, hey let's just try and do some cool trick shots, sure why not it's your trophies, but if you're playing with people who want to win and you're failing your trick shots and trying all this crazy stuff, that's not a good thing to do, one thing is to be cool and show off and another thing is to play the game and actually win.


You don't heal unless you're out of action, that means no shooting, I believe I mentioned this recently but I didn't know this until like a few months ago, I always wondered gee why am I not healing I haven't got shot in forever, but yeah little did I know you don't heal if you're still attacking someone or randomly shooting at bushes, the game doesn't specifically tell you this, I think, correct me if I'm wrong but if it does and you just forgot or skipped the tutorial then now you know.


I've seen it too many times, a tara pulls enemies in with her super and she has no ammo so all that potential was wasted or a gene pooling someone and having no ammo to attack, what was the point of pulling them, you're basically helping the enemy, I know sometimes a super can feel sort of natural to throw when needed, but unless you're a shelley or a brawler that doesn't need to aim or pool, make sure you have ammo.


Okay this one is debatable, I mean if you have the money buy whatever you want, it's your money who cares, but some people need to chill, skins are cool and all but so is being successful at life, I'm successfully old you can call me boomer I don't know, anyways, just a pro tip if you enjoy bra stars for what it is, skins are nothing more than a hot commodity that are made to look shiny, so you can give an arm and a like for it, speaking of spending money, buying brawlers, listen it's not a noob thing to buy stuff in the game, I do it, people I know do it, who cares all I'm saying is those people who can't live without that sweet-ass skin or that brawle,r like I need that new skin, no you want you don't need, see the difference here, you can always get a brawler for free by just waiting for it to pop up in a box, if you can't get something don't rage over it, have some fun, this is dank advice from yours truly.

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