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Who doesn’t like to play an indulging and captivating game like Coin Master? The more you play, the more you find out about the game. It’s infinitely entertaining. 

With so many other things like the free spins, pets, slot machine, there’s another thing that helps you score well in the game and that’s the Coin Master Gold Cards.

If you know how to use your coin master cards, gold trade tactics can actually help you out a lot! The first thing you need to know about these cards is that you can only trade them when there’s a gold trade event. Coin Master selects 2 particular coin master gold cards that you can trade in the instances of these trade events. It is important to know how you can get these gold cards. 

The easiest way is of course to trade them with your game friends. All you need to do to get these cards is to ask your friend for them. If they have extra cards in hand, they will probably just give you free cards for coin master. 

The second thing that you could do is join a facebook groups for the card trading. There are a lot of coin master related groups on Facebook where you can go and trade your gold cards incase your friends don’t have any extras.

If the card you want is a common one, other gamers might give free cards for coin master to you, but if its one of the rare cards, they might ask for one of your cards in return. Although it’s a fair bargain, you should not jump at the first trade offer and visit various groups before you accept an offer. You might end up paying too much, otherwise. 

Now you may be thinking why someone would make an expensive offer for just one gold card? Well, the answer is in the Coin Master Gold card trade event. If you want a rare gold card, others will ask you for more than one card in return. The ‘lettuce’ is used as currency a lot of times. 

This is a rare card that is used to relate with other cards. Excalibur and Santa are also other cards demanded frequently. In a trade, a card with equal value is probably demanded. 

But should you give away a rare card for another? Well, if it’s a rare card that you’re getting in return, you should go for the offer. Because it’s better than spending a lot on the chests without any guarantee that you’ll get it from them. 

So trading a lesser rare gold card in return for a very rare gold card is not a bad deal. 

All gold cards have different values. Zeus and Unicorn of Mythical and Montezuma of Tribe are rare cards. You will have to pay 2-3 lettuces in return for it. Oak Cauldron of Forest is less rare. You might get them in return for Excalibur. You can get the other for free as they’re not very rare. The best tactic is to checkout some Facebook groups and look at the offers that are being offered. 

In a situation where you really need a card so you can complete a set but you’re not getting any coin master cards for chests event, you should just buy the chest. You might have to buy more than one so make sure you have a lot of coins in hand. You can also use the free spins for more coins. 

There are a lot of tactics to up your game. So choose the tactic you love the best and have fun!

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