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The Joker card in Coin Master is a very valuable card which is usually found in mystery chests or it earned in events. What makes it so important is its ability to turn into any card you want it to. But now, there is an entire tournament in Coin Master dedicated to the Joker Card. 

Coin Master has recently introduced the Joker tournament. It is a new tournament where the winner gets a Joker card which grants a choice to the winner. The Joker card allows the winner to unlock any new card of his choice whether it is gold or not. By winning the Joker card, you can unlock rare cards and complete any uncomplete set. 

All of this is great except that winning the tournament is not easy. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to keep in mind when playing the joker card. 

Get Familiar:

The joker tournament is similar to tournaments such as the Diamond tournament of Pedals to the metal. You will be in a group of 50 people. You will have to raid and place bets. The higher the bets, the more you will score in return. After the tournament ends, top ten people with the highest points receive the winning prize. These prizes comprise of spins, coins and chests. 

The number one winner gets the Joker Card. 

Image Credit Coin Master Game

A lot of people want to play this tournament because they want the Joker card. This is why it is hard to play and win. Before you begin, you must be prepared to lose a lot of your spins in the process. You also need to play smartly and quit before you lose. 

The Joker tournament is a very long tournament. In order to win it you must have a strategy you can use. Join the tournament after the first few hours. This will make the time shorter for others to get ahead of you. What you can do is play for a position in the top three, your first preference should be the top position. Leave a margin of 2000 points for people below you. You can now stop playing until the last hour. Check to see if anyone is ahead of you, and if they are you can play in the last few minutes and try to win the tournament.

If other players get ahead of you very quickly, getting all the coins then unfortunately you will have to bear the loss and quit the tournament. While playing the tournament you will be able to see who is getting ahead of you and whether you should continue or not. You can do this by keeping your eye at the rankings once in a while. Even if you are winning and moving forward in the tournament, you may lose your position. This is when you should quit and not play for the gold position. You can quit or settle for a lower position. 

Winning in this tournament comes at a cost and that is losing your spins. The main events will get you your spins such as Attack Madness or Raid Madness.  You can also avail spins from Coin Master daily free spins or use Coin Master spin links. But, these spins may not last. If you are lucky enough, you can win the Joker Card with your spins.

Losing your spins just for the Joker card may seem overwhelming. But once you win the Joker card, you can get a gold card and billions of coins which you can further put to use in Viking Quest. This will return you all your lost spins.

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