Best tricks to get more gold cards from chests in Coin Master

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So you’re playing coin master and with the time you’ve become super competitive and want more coin master cards to complete your collection. Totally understandable!

Here you’ll find all the trick you need to know to get more coin master gold cards, free!

Okay so you probably already know that you can only trade the coin master cards in a Gold Trade event and you can only trade the cards which are listed in the event. The easiest way to get these coin master gold cards free is by buying the chest. 

This way you won’t have to pay by giving your own cards to someone else. There are some cards that are very common in the chest but some are also very rare. If you want the rare cards, you will have to buy more chests. But there are some tricks which can increase your chance to get the coin master cards from these chests. 

The first thing is that you should buy a chest in each village. The coin master gold cards that are rare are spread across the villages, so instead of advancing quickly, you should buy a chest in every village. If you can’t find a new card even after 1-1.5 billion cards, you can shift to another village. 

For this it is important that you have a lot of coins in hand. Use the coin master free spins to collect the coins. 

One of the most common trick used to get some coin master cards from the chests is by reviewing your last card’s stars. If your last card had 1-2 stars then you should go for a wooden chest. If there are 3 stars, buy the gold chest and if there are 4-5 stars then you can go for the magical chest.  

Image Credit Coin Master Game

Another trick is that when you reach to another village, you should build the objects to one star. After that buy some chests to get a new coin master gold card, free. Then you can build the objects to 2 stars and buy more chests for a new card. You can do this repeatedly till you get all the stars full in that village. 

However, if there’s no new coin master card even after you’ve spent 100 million coins, just move to another village. 

You can also go for wooden chests till your last card has three stars. After that you can buy gold chests till 4-5 stars. Buy a magical chest for a coin master gold card and after you get the card, repeat this trick. 

Another way is to buy at least 20 similar chests. This is expensive but doable. So buy 20 wooden, 20 gold and 20 magical chests and try your luck!

The most new trick there is to get the coin master gold card is to first build a village and spin at 1x at least 5 times. Don’t upgrade your pet or build for the new stars. Just buy the wooden chests till your last card is a gold card. After that, buy some magical chests. 

Image Credit Coin Master Game

You will definitely find a coin master gold cards between 1-5 purchases. You can continue buying the magical chests to find your missing gold cards. 

Now you may be thinking if you can get a rare card from the chest. Well, coin master has already shared the probability of this and according to them it is quite rare. In the rare card list of coin master, the stars don’t really indicate the rarity but they do help.

The best trick to get a coin master gold card free is to follow the 1st and last tricks mentioned here. It can be good luck or it can be true so you should try all the tricks and find out which one works best for you. 

So start collecting your coin master cards and enjoy the game!

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