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Viking Quest is an event in Coin Master which allows you to win pet potions, coins, XP and most importantly, gold cards. In order to win all these prizes, you must have a large coin collection and you should bet your coins to finish 10 levels. 

This event in Coin Master is risky because you are likely to lose. But with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can increase your chances to win.

Viking Quest Bonus Wheel:

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Before starting Viking Quest, you must make sure you are fully stacked with coins and spins. Make sure you check your daily Coin Master free spins. 

At the beginning of Viking Quest, you are given coins to play and you have to play five times.  Viking Quest kick starts easy. After the first five times, you will come across levels where you will have to collect coins or play a Bonus wheel. Level 6 is tough to pass because you have to win a lot of coins from the Bonus wheel only. But the Bonus wheel does not appear very often and winning big will not compensate your betted coins. 

First Method:

The first method to play Viking Quest is to keep playing until you reach level 6 which is where you will receive your first gold card. At this stage you will need around 1.5-2 billion coins, but it depends on the village you are at. You will only have to use one-third of your stack because you will have a collection of winnings from different sources. So, you will not need to use a lot of your bonus wheel winnings. 

This is an easy way to get a gold card. But, this way, you only get one. 

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Second Method:

In order to win your second gold card, you need to have winnings from 4 billion to 80 billion in the bonus wheel. So, you have to stack a huge amount of coins and spins for ultimate winnings. You must play at maximum bet and pray for a big win. Keep checking your winnings every once in a while, then begin your next level. After some time, you will see that you have two gold cards. 

This method may get you your two gold cards, and help finish one or two whole sets, but it requires billions of coins. To make it efficient, use Big Raids technique to stack your coins.

Third Method:

This method is for those who do not have a lot of coins stacked. Play all levels at full bet and win maximum coins. The amount you win will be the same as the amount of coins you bet. 

Everything is pretty much the same except the Bonus wheel level. At this level, you need to play at the lowest bet. Increase the number of bets after 12 to 20 bets (this depends on your situation). This ensures no unnecessary loss of coins when you play the Bonus wheel. You only need to pay attention and count the spins. 

You can get the bonus wheel without a huge stack of coins this way.

Fourth Method:

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There is one more way to win Viking Quest and it is observing the three hearts. There is a combination. After three heart rows, there is a high chance of getting a Bonus wheel. 

Here is how you go about it: Place a minimum bet until you reach three hearts and then place a high bet. Set it at maximum until you reach the Bonus wheel. After the Bonus wheel, you have to start from lowest bet again and continue. 

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