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Online games have a way of helping you relieve all your stresses, especially games that are based on virtual reality. Coin Master is one such game that is full of entertainment. Since the game requires you to build villages and earn coins constantly, it retains the players’ attention and keeps them captivated to the game. 

If you are one of the people who are obsessed with Coin Master and want to know more about the game and how to become a high scorer, you are in the right place!

In coin master you have a lot of ways you can better your game. The slot machine, coin master cards, chest boxes and free spins are all ways that you can earn more coins or other tools to better your game.  

Similarly, the game has another component that is super fun to use and can be extremely useful as well. This is the Coin Master Pets. 

So there are 3 pets in the game, the tiger, Foxy and Rhino. All 3 are useful in differing situations. 


Image Credit Coin Master Game

Foxy is the first pet that you get in the game. Foxy is most useful to help you get bonuses on every raid that you complete. It is the best pet to help you earn coins in coin master. If you have your Foxy active, it can help you gain extra coins up to 99% of your raids. It’s usually everybody’s most favorite pet. 


Image Credit Coin Master Game

Then you have the second pet that you unlock, which is tiger. You can use tiger after you complete the Beasts’ Card Collection set. Tiger is useful for getting benefits during attacks. So if you use your tiger while attacking someone, you can earn more coins. And since the game involves a lot of attacks, tiger can be very useful. Make sure to use him during Attack Madness!

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Image Credit Coin Master Game

The last pet that you unlock is the Rhino. You unlock this pet after you complete the Creatures Card Collection set.Rhino’s main role is to help in defense. It defends your village from attacks and shields your items from destruction. You can use Rhino when you don’t have enough coins to finish building a village and want to protect it. 

Now that you know which pets you will be able to play with, you should know how to unlock them. Foxy is the first pet you unlock and you can unlock it when you reach village 4. The others require certain card sets to be completed, as mentioned above. For Tiger, you have to complete the Beasts card collection and for Rhino you need to complete the creature’s card collection. You will be notified whenever you unlock a pet. 

One thing you should remember is to upgrade your pets every now and then. In the game, you will also get pet food. This pet food helps you activate your animals. After activation, you can use your pet for 4 hours. However, the 4 hours are a cumulative duration and will not be paused and restarted when you choose another pet. 

Apart from using pet food to activate your animals, you can also use your pet free for 15 minutes a day. You will be notified with a green pet food symbol on the slot screen when you can do this. After that you just have to choose the animal and click on Free to activate it.

Now let’s get to discussing how you can use your pets to the optimum level. Since coins are the basic need of the game, make sure you use your foxy wisely. use foxy in big raids to gain as much coins as 10 billion per raid! You should upgrade your foxy more than the tiger as it helps you gain more coins than any other pet.

However, if there are low raids you should focus on upgrading Tiger. Tiger can help you earn up to an extra 150 million coins. Since attacks may be more frequently available, you need to know when to upgrade tiger to benefit from the attacks. 

If you like to build more in the game, you should upgrade your rhino more. This will prevent your work from destruction as the rhino will protect your village and tools. But you should know that the rhino can’t defend from every attack. It can only prevent till a certain percentage, but is still pretty useful for defense.

If you are a coin stacker and like to play in raids more, you should use your foxy the most. Also, after activating foxy, do attain your free spins as you can get more raids from there. 

So now you know that at different levels of the game, you will be able to unlock and use different pets. You can use them for different purposes like attacking, making coins or defending your village. You can use them after you activate them using your pet food or the free food. If you activate using pet food, your pet will be good to use for 4 hours. 

If you want more pet food, there is no other way than to play the game. Pet food is a reward that you get while playing. Other than that you can get it by completing card sets or playing the Viking Quest. If you really need the food, you can also buy it.

So you use your pets and become a master player of coin master!

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