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Everybody loves games. They are a great distraction and can actually be a relaxing thing to do in a busy routine. 

Coin master is one of those games where you can escape the stresses of a tight schedule and design your own virtual world where everything happens the way you want it to. Sounds great, right?

In coin master, you earn coins and buy villages. For higher levels, you have to complete your tasks and time in one village and buy another one. Each village is more costly than the last one. This retains the spirit of competition. 

Image Credit : Coin Master Game

Playing with your friends can be even more fun as they can help you get coin master cards and coin master free spins. Everyday new spin links are revealed which you can easily find on this page and get coin master free spins everyday!

One thing that beginners of coin master must know about is the slot machine. The slot machine is basically the life of the game. Through this machine, you spin and get something in return. If you get a hammer, it means that you are able to attack a village. By doing so, you get coins. However, if someone attacks your village, you can’t play unless the village recovers. 

Image Credit : Coin Master Game

A shield from the slot machine provides security from attacks. Using the shield, you can protect your village from a total of 3 attacks! You can use this in strategies, later in the game.

The pig face is the third icon that you can get from the slot machine. This allows you to steal money from another player. Although the amount is random, the trick is still super fun, especially if you want revenge.

Another thing that you collect in the game is the cards. By purchasing chests, you can test your luck. If you are lucky you will be able to collect more coin master cards from the chests.


As you keep escalating levels, you will unlock more and more pets as well. The first pet that you will unlock is the ‘foxy’. All the pets have a certain advantage that they can give you in the game. For example, on all the raids that you acquire, your foxy can give you a percent bonus. Foxy is the best pet and can help you earn the most coins on coin master. 

Image Credit : Coin Master Game

The second pet that you unlock will be the ‘tiger’. Tiger will be unlocked at the completion of the Beasts’ Card Collection set. This pet is beneficial as it gives you a bonus on every attack that you make on another village. 

At the completion of the Creatures Card Collection set, you will be able to unlock the ‘Rhino’. Rhino is the last pet that will be unlocked and does not help in making coins much. Rhino is more responsible for saving your coins and defending an attack on your village by 10%. 

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The whole point of the game is to earn coins. To do so, there are a few tricks that you can apply. The most important is of course the coin master free spins. every day, you get 5 coin master daily free spins. To collect more spins, you can try completing your card sets. And as mentioned above, you will have to purchase the chests to be able to get these cards. You can get more from groups on Facebook. 

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There are also a lot of other ways through which you can get coin master free spins. The easiest way to get these spins is through the links that are posted here, every day. Other than that, you can get coin master free spins by connecting your Facebook account to the game and then inviting your friends to play. For every friend that joins the game, you get around 20-120 spins!

Other than the spins, you can also acquire coin master coins by attacking other villages and raiding other players. Also, by participating in the daily events, you can acquire coins, free spins and even xd’s to feed your pets! If you need guidance on how to play well in these events, click here

For players who want to earn big and get more than 100 thousand spins, there are a few tricks.  The most important trick is to save up some coins. Even though not spending the coins may seem difficult but you have to resist! You should have at least 20b coins in your bank at all times! Try resisting the urge to spend as much as possible, unless there is a Viking event that you want to participate in. as the event can help you get much more coin master free spins. 

If you complete a Viking event, you earn up to 5-10 thousand coin masters spins along with 2 gold cards that you may need. If you win this event, every time you participate, collecting 100k free spins will not take that long at all!

Like I said before, the levels in the game involve upgrading the villages. In every village there are 5 items that have to upgraded 5 times to complete one object. Other players can damage your items just as you can damage theirs. If someone damages your item once, you will only have to pay half the price to get it repaired. But if it gets hit twice, you will have to pay the full amount. 

Thus, in order to succeed in the game, you have to use all your weapons very carefully and strategically. You have to use your pets, shields, hammers, and your coins very carefully. Avoid wasting your coins and utilize the coin master daily free spins and spins that you get from coin master links regularly.  

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