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In Coin Master game, big raids are achieving a maximum number of coins while raiding other villagers. The best way to get maximum raids is to tag your pets along as well as foxy. With the help of Foxy, you can get big amount of coins. Setting your bet at the maximum is also a way to get around 6 billion coins and spins.     

How to make Big Raids in Coin Master:

Here are some of the ways you can get big raids 

Log in daily:

In order to avail daily bonuses, you must log in daily. This way you can get your daily Coin Master Free Spins!

Invite your friends:

You can also get Coin Master Free spins if you log in through Facebook and invite your friends.  If your friends download the game and log in using their Facebook account, you will get free 40 spins.  

Gift other players:

After your friends have accepted your invitation you can also gift each other Coin Master Daily spins. You can send and receive around 100 spins to each other during the game. This is a god way to not lose your own personal spins. 

Multiply when Coin Master has big wins:

You can see your next Coin Master when you play and the amount of coins you can win. If the next person has millions to win then only play for big raids. If you do not, you will just be wasting your spins. 

Play with pets:

You will earn more coins if you use your pets to raid villages. 

For bigger raids, keep Foxy upgraded with your XP. You should feed Foxy when you first begin playing and it will last for an hour. Whatever amount you win will be multiplied with Foxy’s percentage resulting in maximum wins. 

Before you attack a village or spin the machine make sure you feed your pets or give them treats. This will keep your pets active for a long time. This way, you can place higher bets and begin raiding villagers. 

With the help of activated pets, you can get 70% more rewards when you attack. 

Recognize the pattern:

You should not lose all your spins playing big raids. It is likely that you will receive an attack after the first three raids. This is when you should lower your bet to 1x. It is important to recognize the pattern and figure out the attacks you will receive. 

Raid your friends:

Have friends with big stack of coins. You can raid your friends and they can always raid you back. This way, you and your friends will be able to grow each other’s stock. 

Stack your coins:

Having a nice stack of coins is beneficial because people do not like to get raided if they cannot raid you back. 

Create a second account:

This is also known as the baby account. Only keep friends with big stacks of coins and start raiding each other. You will be able to grow your stack of coins this way. 

With the help of above tips and tricks, you can make big raids in coin master. You can use daily coin master links found on this website. These links will help you get a good head start in the game with free coins and spins. 

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