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Unlike other games, Coin Master never ever gets boring. There’s always something new you find out about that attracts you to the game once again. 

Coin Master Attack Madness is one event that makes the game entertaining. In this event, you get a lot of rewards in return for your attacks on other villages. Its not about if the attacks destroyed a building or not but the more your attack, the more rewards you get. And the best part is that every time, the reward gets bigger and better. To score high on the coin master attack madness, you need to be very clever.

Image Credit Coin Master Game

The simplest method to win the coin master attack madness is playing at a minimum bet after one attack for 10 times. After that, you can increase the bet till you get the attack. This is a very useful way as you can get a lot of attacks in the coin master attack madness. 

You should also make sure that you utilize the coin master free spins for coins as they will help you in the coin master attack madness. 

For better results, there is another strategy. What you have to do is keep a track on the intervals between the attacks. If there are 10 spins between them, you can get attacks at also 1x. After one attack, you can play thrice at 1x and then raise the bet at 10x. 

Then raise the bet at 25x after 7 spins and then go to the maximum bet after 20 spins. By doing this, you’ll also be saving your spins while even getting a good number of attacks by hitting other villages. 

The more spins there are between the attacks, the better your result will be on the coin master attack madness. This strategy might cost you some spins in between the attacks, so don’t waste the attack!

Now you may be wondering what the best way is to enter the coin master attack madness. 

Well, start noting! You have to note down the spins you’re using in between the attacks and also note if you hit the raid. This is because in raid madness and attack madness, by noting down the spins, you will be able to see a pattern. You can use this pattern later also for your own advantage.

You will be able to predict the intervals between the attack and if the gap is more or less. You can bet at minimum if you know that the attack is far and bet maximum if you know it’s near. However, the patterns can always change so don’t delay the maximum bet too much or you may face a loss. 

These were some strategies that can help you in the coin master attack madness so you can score higher and get a lot of big rewards in the coin master attack madness rewards list.

You should try these strategies and find out which one helped you the most as one of them surely will. 

So attack more, win more and have fun! 

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