Skillshare similar to Udemy has a very broad variety of courses ranging from creative to business and entrepreneurial all the way through to lifestyle.


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The courses on Skillshare are slightly shorter than the courses that you'll find on Udemy but maybe you have time restrictions and this is just a better option for you.

Who creates the courses on Skillshare pretty much the same as udemy they are experts in their field and professionals that remain relevant in their fields and actually you'll find some of the people of create courses for udemy will also create courses for Skillshare.

So what do you receive from Skillshare once you have completed a course? well, nothing, you don't receive an email with a certificate of completion all you receive is the knowledge that you're learning and upskilling through the course so let's go.

so how much is of course on Skillshare well Skillshare works on a subscription model but here is where they are very popular they will actually give you two months free just to try out any of the courses you want so for two months you can go in and learn as much as you want after that.

in Australian dollars it works out as one hundred and forty-one dollars for the year or you can actually go pay on a paid by month basis and that works out at twenty Australian dollars a month obviously if you don't live in Australia these prices will vary so check out the prices in your region.

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