With fifty thousand instructors teaching over one hundred and thirty thousand courses to over forty million students Udemy e is by far one of the biggest online learning websites.


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Udemy boasts an extremely broad course selection with courses covering most business marketing and IT topics, a large selection of creative categories as well as courses on nutrition personal development, and much much more.

You name a topic and there is probably a course on udemy for it, courses are created by experts and professionals in their field who remain active in those fields, the instructors on udemy are encouraged to update their courses regularly to ensure that they do remain relevant you as a student are also encouraged by udemy to rate the courses that on a five-star rating.

So that other students can find out whether the courses are actually worth doing most courses will give you one or two preview videos and a full syllabus so you can actually check out what you're gonna learn and the style of teaching each instructor gives you before actually purchasing a course.

So you can find out if that course is actually right for you so what do you get on completion of a udemy course well you do receive a certificate from you to be via email but these are not accredited certificates so it's really just for your own personal use or you hang out on your wall and feel pretty good.

The main thing here is that you're learning the knowledge and you're upskilling and learning what you want to learn so how much is of course are new to me there are handful of free courses but you do it does work on a paper course model so on a normal day courses can actually range between 75 and 200 US dollars.

However, there is a silver lining there's a good point that you to me loves to throw out a sale they will have a sale for pretty much every occasion so at least once a month your fun course is reduced from dollars down to maybe $. or bucks or something so this is why you to me is such a popular online learning website and definitely check it out.

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